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Myth Or Monster? Explore Loch Ness Amongst Street View

Like the world’s best legends, the Loch Ness Monster transcends the everyday as well as exists at the edges of possibility. It rises inwards a higher house the sightings as well as the hoaxes; the claims as well as counter-claims; the tourism, the nationalism—and fifty-fifty the assassination plots. It lives inwards the telling of stories. Whether or non you lot believe, most people concur a romanticized vision of the fauna that, legend has it, plumbs the depths of the Loch. Affectionately known equally “Nessie,” she exists inwards folklore, dances inwards childrens’ imaginations, as well as seeps into our club as well as teachings, inspiring everything from pop music to pop culture to pulp fiction.

In 1934, the “Surgeon’s Photograph” was released, claiming to present the monster inwards the misty waters of the lake. It’s the most iconic photograph inwards the history of Loch Ness—and may live on 1 of the most elaborate hoaxes of our age. Today, to celebrate the anniversary of its release, we're bringing 360-degree Street View imagery of Loch Ness to Google Maps, as well as therefore you lot tin become inwards search of Nessie yourself.

Sail across the freshwater lake as well as accept inwards its haunting beauty, made darker nonetheless past times the peat particles constitute inwards its waters. Let the Loch unlock the spirit of your imagination, where the rippling water, tricks of the light, as well as drifting logs convey the legend of Nessie to life. Adrian Shine, leader of the Loch Ness & Morar Project, has been engaged inwards fieldwork inwards the Highlands since 1973 as well as was an integral role of the Street View collection. As a truthful Loch Ness expert, Shine has logged to a greater extent than than 1,000 Nessie sightings as well as offers scientific explanations for why people claim to get got seen Scotland’s mysterious cryptid.

Formed of a serial of interrelated bodies of water, including the River Oich to the due south as well as the Bona Narrows to the north, Loch Ness stretches for 23 miles southwest of Inverness. Although it’s neither the largest Scottish loch past times surface expanse nor depth, it is the largest past times volume, containing to a greater extent than freshwater than all the lakes of England as well as Wales combined. And at close 800 feet deep, there’s an entire basis below the surface, giving ascent to the Nessie legend.

To accept you lot on a tour of what lies beneath, our partners at the Catlin Seaview Survey dived deep nether the surface of the lake, collecting imagery along the way. You tin imagine Nessie nestling inside these dark, peat-filled waters, waiting for the correct 2d to breach the surface into the Scottish sunlight above.

A diver from the Catlin Seaview Survey collecting underwater imagery of Loch Ness

Wherever you lot stand upwardly on the Nessie debate, the legend lives on—even inwards the digital era. There are more searches for Loch Ness than in that place are for other Great Britain institutions similar Buckingham Palace as well as the Peak District. And equally nosotros celebrate Loch Ness alongside today’s Doodle, nosotros promise you lot tin relish about of the most history-laden as well as breathtaking imagery the highlands get got to offering alongside Street View inwards Google Maps.


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