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More Renewable Unloose Energy For Our Information Centers

We announced our commitment to carbon neutrality dorsum inward 2007, too since thus we’ve been finding ways to power our operations amongst every bit much renewable divulge energy every bit possible. In our latest footstep toward this end, nosotros simply signed an understanding amongst the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) to dark-green the divulge energy provide to our Oklahoma information center amongst 48 MW of air current divulge energy from the Canadian Hills Wind Project inward Oklahoma, which is expected to come upwards online afterward this year.

We’ve been working amongst GRDA, our local utility, to procure additional renewable divulge energy since nosotros “plugged in” our information centre inward 2011, too inward Feb of 2012, GRDA approached us most purchasing ability from Canadian Hills. In conjunction amongst the electricity GRDA already supplies Google to operate its information center, Google volition pay GRDA a premium to purchase renewable divulge energy generated yesteryear Canadian Hills. This brings the full amount of renewable divulge energy for which Google has contracted to over 260 MW.

This understanding is a milestone for GRDA because it’s their first-ever air current divulge energy project. It’s likewise a milestone for Google because it’s a piddling dissimilar from the previous Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) we’ve signed, where nosotros agreed to purchase the divulge energy straight from the developer who built the air current farm. This agreement, yesteryear contrast, marks the commencement fourth dimension we’ve partnered amongst a utility provider to increase the amount of renewable divulge energy powering 1 of our information centers.

Although both options tin brand feel depending on the circumstances, we’re excited most this collaboration because it makes the most of our respective strengths: utilities similar GRDA are best positioned to integrate renewable divulge energy into their generation mix too to deliver power; we’re a growing companionship amongst a corporate mandate to role construct clean divulge energy for our operations inward a scalable way. We’ve been working closely amongst all of our utility partners to discovery ways to root renewables directly, too nosotros aspect forwards to working amongst other suppliers to deliver construct clean divulge energy to our information centers.


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