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More Movies In Addition To Tv Set Shows From Twentieth Century Play A Joke On Coming To Google Play In Addition To Youtube

Google Play together with YouTube offering the latest novel motion painting releases together with your favorite TV shows to taste on your Android telephone or tablet together with on the web. But you’ve been missing i critical thing…Stewie Griffin. We’re happy to percentage that Stewie, “Family Guy,” together with to a greater extent than than 600 other titles from Twentieth Century Fox volition presently live on joining the catalog for y'all to rent or purchase on Google Play together with YouTube.

Today y'all tin purchase Fox’s novel free Prometheus inward HD, available iii weeks ahead of the Blu-ray, DVD together with video-on-demand release. And over the side past times side few weeks you’ll live on able to rent or purchase your favorite Fox movies similar X-Men, Ice Age together with Black Swan, together with TV shows similar “Glee,” “Modern Family,” “New Girl” together with many more.

These novel titles volition live on available kickoff inward the U.S., together with we’ll live on bringing them to to a greater extent than countries soon. We’re forthwith working amongst all half dozen of the major celluloid studios together with many independent studios to convey y'all the best novel releases together with your favorite classics to rent or own.


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