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More Local Deals, Personalized To Your Interests

There’s a universe of amazing daily deals out there, but it's difficult to uncovering them all inwards i place—and fifty-fifty harder to uncovering the ones that actually affair to you.

We’re making improvements to Google Offers that assist address this challenge. First, we’re delivering to a greater extent than amazing deals from a bunch of novel categories including outdoor require a opportunity sports, luxury experiences, family-friendly events, classes in addition to more. We’re every bit good introducing a personalization quiz to assist yous uncovering simply the bargain yous want, all inwards i place.

Google Offers subscribers inwards the San Francisco Bay Area volition choose access to these novel deals, in addition to the quiz is immediately available inwards all cities. We'll gradually whorl out an expanded offers inventory to novel cities inwards the months to come.

To brand all this happen, we’ve partnered amongst the best bargain providers inwards the manufacture including Dealfind, DoodleDeals, Gilt City, GolfNow, HomeRun, Juice inwards the City, kgbdeals, Mamapedia, Plum District, PopSugar Shop, ReachDeals, Schwaggle, TIPPR in addition to zozi. Now, amongst i job organisation human relationship yous tin easily purchase, deal in addition to redeem all your offers inwards i place.

Visit Google Offers today to buy this neat bargain from the leading luxury sense site Gilt City

Our novel personalization quiz is a begin footstep towards bringing yous to a greater extent than relevant deals. You tin say us what categories you’re interested inwards in addition to where yous hang out thus nosotros tin shipping yous simply the tailored offers that gibe your interests—all inwards i email. If you’re non the outdoorsy type or interested inwards cosmetic treatments, in addition to thus nosotros won’t shipping yous deals for zipline adventures in addition to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation pilus removal. Don’t worry, if your interests alter yous tin ever update your preferences.

You tin select what categories of deals you’d similar to have amongst the personalization quiz

You tin subscribe to have deals that gibe your interests in addition to larn to a greater extent than close Google Offers at If you’re a bargain provider interested inwards partnering amongst Google Offers, delight submit your application using this form.

Finally, thank yous to The Dealmap squad that lately joined Google. They definitely helped on this i in addition to we’re looking frontwards to working amongst them to prepare many novel ideas inwards the months in addition to years to come.

(Cross-posted on the Commerce Blog)

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