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Meet The Updated Chromebook Pixel Too The Novel Google Store

Two years ago, nosotros introduced the get-go Chromebook Pixel. The stance was to convey together the best inward hardware, software as well as pattern to inspire the side past times side generation of Chromebooks. It's been exciting to come across how the entire make of Chromebooks—from classroom-proof to high-end—has made a departure to people at work. Today, we’re introducing an updated as well as to a greater extent than powerful Pixel to fuel the imaginations of some other moving ridge of Chromebook enthusiasts. Plus, we’ve created a new, online Google Store where y'all tin acquire the Pixel as well as other devices made alongside Google, all inward 1 place.

One charger for all your stuff
These days, packing for a trip agency remembering to convey all your unlike chargers—for your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc. We think y'all should live on able to purpose only 1 charger for all your electronics. So for the novel Pixel, we’ve joined forces alongside some of the biggest names inward the manufacture to practise a novel criterion for charging, called USB Type C. The Pixel is 1 of the get-go products to launch alongside this novel standard, alongside to a greater extent than Chromebooks as well as Android devices next conform soon.

Not solely does Type-C enable multi-device charging, but it too allows high-speed information as well as display over the same connexion as well as cable. It’s pocket-size plenty to operate alongside smartphones, powerful plenty to accuse computers, as well as conveniently symmetrical (no to a greater extent than guessing which side is up!). Speaking of symmetry, the novel Pixel doesn’t only pick out 1 Type C port—it has two, 1 on each side, so y'all tin plug inward wherever is convenient.

Thoughtful design
Like the master Pixel, the novel Chromebook has a high-resolution touchscreen, a sleek aluminum body, as well as smoothen drinking glass trackpad. We’ve too made a few other enhancements, including a novel wide-angle photographic telly camera lens.

Of course, the Pixel is too dandy on the inside. It’s got a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 alongside 8GB RAM as well as a 32GB SSD. If that’s non plenty for you, we’re making an LS (yup, that stands for "Ludicrous Speed") version that's fifty-fifty faster. And fifty-fifty alongside the novel charger, y'all likely won’t live on carrying it approximately much, since the novel Pixel has 12 hours of battery life.* When y'all practise bespeak to overstep up, it’s fast—you’ll acquire upwards to 2 hours of battery life alongside only xv minutes of charging.*

Shop for the Pixel as well as to a greater extent than at the Google Store
We’ve been selling our devices on Google Play for years, but equally we’ve added to a greater extent than products to the family, nosotros stance it was fourth dimension to acquire far easier for y'all to acquire to a greater extent than virtually them. So today we’re too launching the Google Store, the novel habitation for the latest devices made alongside Google.

At, y'all tin store Nexus phones as well as tablets, Chromecast as well as Chromebooks, acquire to a greater extent than virtually newer technology similar Android Wear, Nexus Player as well as Nest, as well as stock upwards on accessories similar cases, keyboards as well as chargers. You’ll come across how the Google apps y'all already know—like Search, Maps as well as YouTube—work seamlessly alongside all these products. The Google Store is available on your phone, tablet, or laptop, as well as correct straightaway you’ll acquire gratuitous transportation on everything** (consider it our way of maxim hello).
Once you’ve institute the correct device at the Google Store, y'all tin nonetheless caput to Google Play to uncovering apps, games, music, movies, TV shows as well as more. If y'all of late bought a device on Google Play, don’t worry—your guild information volition automatically live on transferred to the Google Store. See our Help Center for to a greater extent than information.

The Chromebook Pixel is available for buy starting today inward the U.S. on the novel Google Store for $999 as well as $1299 for the LS version. Come check it out, as well as come across what else is inward store.

*Battery life tested using Chromium criterion PowerLoadTest at default brightness. The PowerLoadTest was created to emulate average user demeanor as well as mensurate the resultant battery life. Charge fourth dimension testing is measured past times battery capacity increase alongside lid unopen divided past times average unloosen energy usage during PowerLoadtest. Battery life as well as accuse fourth dimension may vary depending on usage as well as other conditions.

**Free transportation applies to the lowest terms transportation option. Free transportation advertisement may live on modified or discontinued at whatever time.

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