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Measuring To Improve: Comprehensive, Real-World Information Middle Efficiency Numbers

To paraphrase Lord Kelvin, if yous don’t mensurate yous can’t improve. Our information catch operations squad lives past times this credo, together with nosotros induce got every chance to mensurate the performance of our facilities. In the same way that yous mightiness examine your electricity neb together with thence tweak the thermostat, nosotros constantly runway our unloosen energy consumption together with purpose that information to brand improvements to our infrastructure. As a result, our information centers purpose 50 portion less energy than the typical information center.

One of the measurements nosotros runway is PUE, or ability usage effectiveness. PUE is a ratio of the total ability used to run a information center to the amount used to ability the servers. For instance, if a information catch has a PUE of 2.0, that agency that for every watt of unloosen energy that powers the servers, some other watt powers the cooling, lighting together with other systems. An ideal PUE would hold upward 1.0.

In 2011, our trailing 12-month average PUE was around 1.14—an improvement from 1.16 inwards 2010. In other words, our information centers purpose exclusively fourteen portion additional ability for all sources of overhead combined. To calculate this issue nosotros include everything that contributes to unloosen energy consumption inwards our information centers. That agency that inwards add-on to the electricity used to ability the servers together with cooling systems, nosotros comprise the crude oil together with natural gas that estrus our offices. We besides concern human relationship for organization inefficiencies similar transformer, cable together with UPS losses together with generator parasitic unloosen energy draw.

If nosotros chose to purpose a simpler calculation—for instance, if nosotros included exclusively the information catch together with the cooling equipment—we could study a PUE every bit depression every bit 1.06 at our most efficient location. But nosotros desire to hold upward every bit comprehensive every bit possible inwards our measurements. You tin reach the axe come across the divergence inwards this graphic:

We’ve been publishing our PUE quarterly since 2008—in fact, nosotros were the outset fellowship to create so, together with are nevertheless the exclusively one. Our numbers are based on actual production information taken from hundreds of meters installed throughout our information centers, non blueprint specs or best-case scenarios. One way to recall of it is comparison a auto manufacturer’s mileage estimates for a novel model auto to the car’s real-life miles per gallon. We’re measuring real-world mileage thence nosotros tin reach the axe amend real-world efficiency.

Our 2011 numbers together with to a greater extent than are available for closer exam on our recycled water.

We’ve seen dramatic improvements inwards efficiency throughout the manufacture inwards recent years, simply there’s nevertheless a lot nosotros tin reach the axe do. Sharing comprehensive measuring information together with ideas for improvement tin reach the axe assist us all movement forward.


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