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Making It Easier To Shape Your Ballot

The source presidential nominating convention, held inwards 1832, was meant to hand Americans a vocalization inwards the alternative of the presidential nominee. Fast frontward to 2012 too these conventions yet stand upward for a major instant inwards American politics—and we’re helping the conventions accomplish a larger audience past times beingness the official alive flow provider too social networking platform for the Republican National Convention inwards Tampa too the Democratic National Convention inwards Charlotte.

In conjunction amongst our on-the-ground efforts, we’re making a number of online tools available to tending y'all teach organized too informed every bit Election Day approaches.

Get informed
Our Google Politics & Elections site enables y'all to run across the latest Google News, YouTube videos, search too video trends, too Google+ content most the election inwards i place. You tin also catch our live Elections Hub to scout the national political conventions, debates too fifty-fifty election black LIVE correct from your mobile outcry upward or laptop.

Register to vote
To come inwards slow to navigate the rules too deadlines most registering to vote too how to vote past times mail, nosotros pose together an online voter guide. We’ve also added a exceptional department to come inwards easier for military too overseas voters to uncovering data most their unlike rules too deadlines.

As nosotros approach the concluding days of the election, we’ll travel along to educate useful ways for voters too campaigns to engage i some other roughly the of import issues inwards 2012.

We promise these tools volition tending y'all remain informed too participate inwards the election!


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