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Making Exploration Easier For People Unopen To The Basis Alongside Google Maps

Maps croak along our spirit of jeopardy go past times making it easier for us to explore the public around us. That’s why today, we’re making Google Maps fifty-fifty ameliorate amongst novel turn-by-turn navigation amongst traffic conditions, biking directions, Map Maker together with novel Street View imagery inward to a greater extent than locations globally. These improvements are component of our ongoing attempt to construct the best map nosotros tin terminate -- i that’s comprehensive, accurate together with slow for y'all to use.

First, we’re expanding India. Navigation is i of the nearly often requested features inward this portion together with tin terminate go particularly helpful when driving inward densely populated cities similar Delhi or Bangalore. We’re equally good adding live traffic conditions for major roads amongst estimated go times to assist y'all salve fourth dimension together with to trim down stress on the road.
Turn-by-turn vocalism navigation inward New Delhi, India

Biking directions together with New Zealanders. Local cyclists tin terminate access biking directions necessitate on Google Maps, together with role Map Maker to add together bike lanes together with trails if their favorite route is missing or they honor a novel one. Beyond biking trails, Map Maker tin terminate equally good go used to brand the New Zealand map to a greater extent than accurate amongst details such equally novel route names, edifice footprints together with more.

Biking directions from Remuera inward Auckland to the local Google office

Later today, we’ll equally good unloose novel Street View imagery for to a greater extent than than 150 academy campuses globally. With classes only getting started, freshman students, transfers together with fifty-fifty empty-nesting parents tin terminate at i time familiarize themselves amongst college campuses around the world, including UCLA inward the U.S., Pembroke College inward the U.K., McGill University inward Canada together with Sophia University inward Japan. These novel panoramic views bring together our growing listing of universities whose campuses are already available inward Google Maps.

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Royce Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles

Finally, to celebrate all the places y'all tin terminate achieve amongst Google Maps—all vii continents, the sky, the satelite together with fifty-fifty the depths of the ocean—we made a video that nosotros promise volition inspire y'all to croak along exploring.

Keep exploring at Here’s to many novel adventures.

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