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Jagriti Yatra: A Journeying Of Entrepreneurship Through India

As purpose of our ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship some the world, nosotros late took purpose inward a worthy experiment crisscrossing India. Jagriti Yatra is an annual educate journeying that takes to a greater extent than than 400 of India's highly motivated youth (ages 20-26) on an 15-day trip to innovate them to India’s challenges, in addition to to the individuals in addition to institutions that are developing unique solutions to those challenges. The destination is to inspire these immature people to develop in addition to Pb social in addition to economical entrepreneurship inward their ain communities. Each year, some 50 experienced professionals also bring together the Yatra to serve every bit mentors, in addition to this year, I—along amongst iv other Googlers—went along for the ride.

This year’s “yatris” (participants) came from all iv corners of the country—rich states in addition to pitiful states, urban, semi-urban in addition to rural. H5N1 large portion came from low-income rural families, in addition to many of them (especially the women) had fought dandy odds to instruct a practiced education. Now, they wanted to hand dorsum to their communities.

The trip, which began inward Bombay on Dec 25 in addition to returned on Jan 8, covered 8,500 kilometers in addition to made 12 stops inward a road that circumnavigated the entire country. Our days began at 5:30am in addition to ended at 11:30pm, in addition to the bulk of fourth dimension was spent pounding the pavement, from villages inward Orissa in addition to Uttar Pradesh to the suburbs of Madurai in addition to Patna.

These visits brought us face-to-face amongst India’s major challenges. Confronted amongst the stark reality of youth abandoning their farming traditions, vast open-air garbage dumps inward town centers, girls dropping out of schoolhouse afterward 8th degree in addition to unemployed undergraduates scrounging coin to bribe their trend into authorities jobs, the yatris were fifty-fifty to a greater extent than motivated to instruct agents of alter inward their country. The Yatra has led to a various attain of startups, both planned in addition to pre-existing—for example, I spoke amongst participants taking upward organic farming inward their villages, in addition to to others who were inspired to institute career mentoring programs inward their communities.

As first-time sponsors of this year's Yatra (which focused specifically on issues inward healthcare, agribusiness, H2O in addition to energy) nosotros provided non entirely fiscal support, simply also WiFi for the educate journeying in addition to an SMS channel for Jagriti Yatra followers to instruct updates on the Yatra over SMS. We also helped laid the arrangement amongst a YouTube channel in addition to a Google+ page then they could chronicle in addition to percentage their journeying amongst the wider world.

Throughout, the liberate energy of the grouping was incredible; everyone was infused amongst the feeling that all things are possible if y'all persist. Jagriti Yatra has instruct the upshot for college students in addition to would-be immature entrepreneurs to participate inward (this year, the arrangement received 3,200 applications for less than 500 spots). It was dandy to come across then many immature people focused on making a positive touching on on social club through entrepreneurship.

For to a greater extent than personal stories from the journey, view the Jagriti Yatra Google+ page. To register for adjacent year’s journey, view Jagriti Yatra’s registration page.


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