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Introducing Google Play: All Your Entertainment, Anywhere Yous Go

Entertainment is supposed to live on fun. But inwards reality, getting everything to locomote tin live on the exact opposite—moving files betwixt your computers, endless syncing across your devices, together with wires…lots of wires. Today we’re eliminating all that hassle alongside Google Play, a digital amusement goal where y'all tin find, relish together with percentage your favorite music, movies, books together with apps on the spider web together with on your Android outcry upward or tablet. Google Play is solely cloud-based together with then all your music, movies, books together with apps are stored online, e'er available to you, together with y'all never accept to worry close losing them or moving them again.

With Google Play y'all can:
  • Store upward to 20,000 songs for gratuitous together with purchase millions of novel tracks
  • Download to a greater extent than than 450,000 Android apps together with games
  • Browse the world’s largest choice of eBooks
  • Rent thousands of your favorite movies, including novel releases together with hard disk titles
Starting today, Android Market, Google Music together with the Google eBookstore volition decease purpose of Google Play. On your Android outcry upward or tablet, we’ll live on upgrading the Android Market app to the Google Play Store app over the coming days. Your videos, books together with music apps (in countries where they are available) volition likewise live on upgraded to Google Play Movies, Google Play Books together with Google Play Music apps. The music, movies, books together with apps you’ve purchased volition proceed to live on available to y'all through Google Play—simply log inwards alongside your Google employment organization human relationship similar always.

To celebrate, we’ll live on offering a dissimilar album, book, video rental together with Android app at a exceptional cost each hateful solar daytime for the side past times side calendar week inwards our “7 Days to Play” sale. In the U.S., today’s titles include the collection of exceed twoscore hits Now That's What I Call Music 41, the pop game Where's My Water, the novel Extremely Loud together with Incredibly Close together with the painting exhibit Puncture for precisely 25 cents each. In addition, you'll break bully collections of hip-hop, stone together with terra firma albums for $3.99 all week, detective novels from $2.99, some of our editorial team's favorite movies from 99 cents, together with our favorite apps from 49 cents.

In the U.S., music, movies, books together with Android apps are available inwards Google Play. In Canada together with the U.K., we’ll offering movies, books together with Android apps; inwards Australia, books together with apps; together with inwards Japan, movies together with apps. Everywhere else, Google Play volition live on the novel abode for Android apps. Our long-term goal is to gyre out equally many dissimilar types of content equally possible to people around the world, together with we’ll hold adding novel content to hold it fresh.

To larn more, caput over to Google Village to come across Google Play inwards action. We can’t expression for y'all to endeavor Google Play together with sense a simpler fashion to create create your entertainment.


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