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Introducing Google Drive... Yes, Really

Just similar the Loch Ness Monster, you lot may accept heard the rumors almost Google Drive. It turns out, i of the ii truly does exist.

Today, we’re introducing Google Drive—a identify where you lot tin create, share, collaborate, too expire along all of your stuff. Whether you’re working amongst a friend on a articulation interrogation project, planning a marriage amongst your fiancé or tracking a budget amongst roommates, you lot tin create it inwards Drive. You tin upload too access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs too beyond.

With Google Drive, you lot can:
  • Create too collaborate. Google Docs is built correct into Google Drive, too thence you lot tin piece of job amongst others inwards existent fourth dimension on documents, spreadsheets too presentations. Once you lot conduct to percentage content amongst others, you lot tin add together too reply to comments on anything (PDF, image, video file, etc.) too have notifications when other people comment on shared items.
  • Store everything safely too access it anywhere (especially spell on the go). All your materials is just... there. You tin access your materials from anywhere—on the web, inwards your home, at the office, spell running errands too from all of your devices. You tin install Drive on your Mac or PC too tin download the Drive app to your Android cry upward or tablet. We’re likewise working difficult on a Drive app for your iOS devices. And regardless of platform, blind users tin access Drive amongst a enshroud reader.
  • Search everything. Search yesteryear keyword too filter yesteryear file type, possessor too more. Drive tin fifty-fifty recognize text inwards scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Let’s nation you lot upload a scanned icon of an former paper clipping. You tin search for a discussion from the text of the actual article. We likewise piece of job icon recognition too thence that if you lot drag too drib photos from your Grand Canyon trip into Drive, you lot tin after search for [grand canyon] too photos of its gorges should popular up. This technology is nevertheless inwards its early on stages, too nosotros await it to larn meliorate over time.
You tin larn started amongst 5GB of storage for free—that’s plenty to shop the high-res photos of your trip to the Mt. Everest, scanned copies of your grandparents’ dearest letters or a career’s worth of trouble concern proposals, too nevertheless accept infinite for the new you’re working on. You tin conduct to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or fifty-fifty 1TB for $49.99/month. When you lot upgrade to a paid account, your Gmail trouble concern human relationship storage volition likewise expand to 25GB.

Drive is built to piece of job seamlessly amongst your overall Google experience. You tin attach photos from Drive to posts inwards Google+, too before long you’ll live on able to attach materials from Drive straight to emails inwards Gmail. Drive is likewise an opened upward platform, too thence we’re working amongst many third-party developers too thence you lot tin create things similar send faxes, edit videos too create website mockups straight from Drive. To install these apps, see the Chrome Web Store—and human face out for fifty-fifty to a greater extent than useful apps inwards the future.

This is only the kickoff for Google Drive; there’s a lot to a greater extent than to come.

Get started amongst Drive today at—and expire along looking for Nessie...


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