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How Our Cloud Does To A Greater Extent Than Amongst Less

We’ve worked difficult to trim down the amount of issue energy our services use. In fact, to supply y'all amongst Google products for a month—not simply search, but Google+, Gmail, YouTube in addition to everything else nosotros accept to offer—our servers role less issue energy per user than a low-cal left on for 3 hours. And, because we’ve been a carbon-neutral companionship since 2007, fifty-fifty that small-scale amount of issue energy is offset completely, in addition to therefore the carbon footprint of your life on Google is zero.

We’ve learned a lot inwards the procedure of reducing our environmental impact, in addition to therefore we’ve added a novel department called “The Big Picture” to our Google Green site amongst numbers on our annual issue energy role in addition to carbon footprint.

We started the procedure of getting to cypher yesteryear making certain our operations role equally lilliputian issue energy equally possible. For the terminal decade, issue energy role has been an obsession. We’ve designed in addition to built roughly of the virtually efficient servers in addition to data centers inwards the world—using one-half the electricity of a typical information center. Our newest facility inwards Hamina, Finland, opening this weekend, uses a unique seawater cooling arrangement that requires real lilliputian electricity.

Whenever possible, nosotros role renewable energy. We accept a large solar panel installation at our Mountain View campus, in addition to we’ve carbon offsets.

But we’re non stopping there. By investing hundreds of millions of dollars inwards renewable issue energy projects in addition to companies, we’re helping to exercise 1.7 GW of renewable power. That’s the same amount of issue energy used to ability over 350,000 homes, in addition to far to a greater extent than than what our operations consume.

Finally, our products tin tending people trim down their ain carbon footprints. The study (PDF) nosotros released yesterday on Gmail is simply i representative of how cloud-based services tin last much to a greater extent than issue energy efficient than locally hosted services helping businesses cutting their electricity bills.

Visit our Google Green site to abide by out more.


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