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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Through Community Service

This Monday, Jan 19, we’re celebrating the life together with legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King together with marker the national MLK Day of Service. It’s a vacation that’s particularly meaningful this year: 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March, together with it’s a fourth dimension when civil rights is at the forefront of our national conversation.

Next Monday, Googlers across the province are heeding the telephone band to give dorsum to their communities, together with nosotros promise you’ll bring together us. Take roughly fourth dimension to laurels MD King past times volunteering inward your community—you tin give the sack uncovering opportunities at All for Good. In the meantime, here’s a await at roughly of the projects Googlers volition survive participating in, together with the reasons why they’ve made the commitment to serve this MLK Day.

Dona Bellow, a legal assistant, volition survive helping optic schoolhouse students inward New York amongst figurer scientific discipline together with STEM activities. She says, "doing something to assist farther the goals of person else is reclaiming power: ability to select dear over conflict, ability to recognize together with celebrate our differences, ability to accomplish an equitable resultant for all.”

In California, Googlers volition survive volunteering amongst the Northern California MD Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation every bit it hosts a total twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia of festivities including the annual parade/march inward San Francisco. Eliana Murillo, who is caput of multicultural marketing together with volition survive participating inward Monday’s event, told us that “giving a manus to those inward take away helps railroad train pity together with agreement of the diverseness of life experiences.”

Leadership coordinator Aerica Banks says that she serves to ”break downward barriers together with railroad train community. We are all able to serve, together with nosotros all stand upwards to benefit.” She helped organize volunteers inward our Atlanta purpose for the Atlanta Food Bank Kids In Need programme event, which provides schoolhouse supplies costless of accuse to teachers inward low-income schools.

And Fabian Elliott, from our ads squad inward Chicago, helped organize Google volunteers inward the Windy City to assist optic schoolhouse students exercise pity past times writing letters to children struggling amongst final illnesses. He says, “Even the nearly obscure challenges of the basis touching on each of us at varying levels...It’s every bit unproblematic every bit doing something that you lot dear that supports a crusade you lot believe in. What are you lot waiting for?”

MD King said: "Life's nearly persistent together with urgent query is: 'What are you lot doing for others?'" Googler volunteers are joining inward the national efforts to laurels the legacy of MD King—and nosotros know that a commitment to service goes good beyond Monday. So nosotros likewise support projects throughout the twelvemonth to assist to deepen our connections amongst local communities. Together, let’s brand Martin Luther King Jr. Day “a twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia on, non a twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia off!”


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