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Helping The Hooch Alongside H2o Conservation At Our Douglas County Information Center

If you’re familiar alongside the function of the Southern poet Sidney Lanier, you’ll know he wrote most the beauty of the Chattahoochee River inwards Georgia. “The Hooch,” every bit it’s known only about here, starts upwards inwards the northeastern purpose of the state, runs through Atlanta too downwardly into Alabama earlier emptying out into the Gulf of Mexico. Those of us who function inwards Google’s Douglas County, Ga. information middle accept a particular fondness for the Chattahoochee because it’s an integral purpose of our might to run a highly efficient facility.

Google’s information centers utilisation one-half the unloosen energy of a typical information middle inwards purpose because nosotros rely on free cooling rather than unloosen energy hungry mechanical chillers. In Douglas County, similar at most of our facilities, nosotros utilisation evaporative cooling, which brings mutual frigidity H2O into the information middle to cool the servers, hence releases it every bit H2O vapor through cooling towers.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 typical information middle tin hand the sack utilisation hundreds of thousands of gallons of H2O a day. When nosotros outset built the Georgia facility inwards 2007, the H2O nosotros used came from the local potable (drinking) H2O supply. But nosotros shortly realized that the H2O nosotros used didn’t quest to survive cook clean plenty to drink. So nosotros talked to the Douglasville-Douglas County Water too Sewer Authority (known locally every bit the WSA) most setting upwards a organisation that uses reuse water—also known every bit grey- or recycled water—in our cooling infrastructure. With this organisation inwards place, we’re able to utilisation recycled H2O for 100 per centum of our cooling needs.

This video of the organisation includes never-before-seen footage of our Douglas County facility:

Here’s how it works: The WSA has a H2O handling facility inwards Douglasville, Ga. that cleans wastewater from the local communities too releases it dorsum into the Chattahoochee. We worked alongside the WSA to construct a side-stream constitute most v miles westward of our information middle that diverts upwards to xxx per centum of the H2O that would accept gone dorsum into the river; instead nosotros mail it through the constitute for handling too hence on to the information center. Any H2O that doesn’t evaporate during the cooling procedure hence goes to an Effluent Treatment Plant located on-site. There, nosotros process the H2O 1 time once again to disinfect it, take away mineral solids too mail it dorsum out to the Chattahoochee—clean, clear too safe.

The Chattahoochee provides drinking water, populace greenspace too recreational activities for millions of people. In fact, only 2 weeks agone it was the outset river to survive designated a National Water Trail inwards a novel organisation announced past times the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar—a organisation that encourages community stewardship of local waterways. We’re glad to produce our purpose inwards creating an environmentally sustainable economic scheme along the shores of the Hooch.


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