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Happy Hollowing!

When I was a piffling kid, Halloween seemed similar the well-nigh grown-up vacation of all. For i thrilling nighttime of the year, I got to remain upwards belatedly trick-or-treating, sentinel scary movies amongst my friends, in addition to wield abrupt in addition to pointy objects (safety first, of course!) piece carving a macabre human face upwards into a pumpkin.

Now that I'm older, my perspective on Halloween has shifted a bit. It’s forthwith the vacation that well-nigh celebrates a childlike feel of wonder in addition to amazement. Ordinary people in addition to places are temporarily transformed into creepy in addition to whimsical versions of their old selves: a zombie rises amongst the assist of corn syrup in addition to some reddish nutrient coloring, your everyday dwelling family becomes a haunted family amongst eerie lights in addition to a spooky soundtrack, in addition to a pumpkin—an otherwise plain-looking squash—is a grinning ghoul, amongst the aid of alone a candle, a knife in addition to some elbow grease.

To celebrate Halloween this year, the doodle squad wanted to capture that fascinating transformation that takes house when carving a pumpkin. Instead of picking upwards a few pumpkins from the grocery store, however, nosotros decided to operate on 6 giant pumpkins, especially delivered from nearby Half Moon Bay (some weighing good over 1,000 pounds). What you lot encounter is a timelapse video of the to a greater extent than or less 8 hours nosotros spent carving inwards the midpoint of our Mountain View, Calif. campus.

Googlers got into the Halloween spirit equally well—you tin orbit the sack encounter their costumed cameos if you lot get got a quick eye. Many cheers to Slavic Soul Party! in addition to composer Matt Moran for providing a plumbing equipment soundtrack for our Halloween hijinks.

For an within await at how nosotros laid the shoot, sentinel our behind-the-scenes video:

From all of us at Google, get got care, live on rubber in addition to get got fun this Halloween!


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