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Hanging Out For Jewish-Arab Dialogue Inward Israel

Despite the fact that Israeli Arab in addition to Jewish youth alive inward the same province in addition to fifty-fifty report at the same universities, they frequently grow upwardly without meeting. When tensions rising inward the region, this lack of mutual agreement tin atomic number 82 to stereotyping, hostility in addition to fifty-fifty violence.

We believe the Internet tin assistance intermission downwards these barriers. In award of today’s 30th annual International Day of Peace, we’re partnering alongside the Peres Center for Peace, a non-profit organization founded yesteryear the President of State of Israel in addition to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres. The ticker promotes cooperation in addition to peacebuilding betwixt Jewish in addition to Arab citizens of State of Israel every bit good every bit betwixt State of Israel in addition to its Arab neighbors.

Together, we’ll live on asset a serial of Hangouts on Google+ designed to enable dialogue betwixt Israeli Arab in addition to Jewish students. “Hanging Out for Peace” is a six-month projection that volition involve almost 150 Israeli academy students, women in addition to men, alongside an equal number of Arabs in addition to Jews. Students volition live on divided into mixed Jewish in addition to Arab ‘circles’, matched alongside other students who report the same dependent area at university.

The circles volition encounter via Hangouts on Google+, led yesteryear instructors from the Peres Center, in addition to volition undertake online in addition to offline projects related to the circle’s expanse of academic focus. After a serial of Hangouts, the students volition encounter expression upwardly to face, introduce the projects they’ve developed to the larger grouping of participants in addition to hash out issues that arose during their run together.

The Internet provides a perfect platform for dialogue in addition to cooperation. It tin assistance overcome physical barriers in addition to connect people from different cultures who stimulate got shared interests in addition to mutual values. We’re excited to regard how this projection develops in addition to promise that, inward a minor way, it volition assistance foster coexistence in addition to agreement betwixt Israeli Jews in addition to Arabs and, inward the future, construct bridges betwixt other communities, too.


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