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Greater Alternative For Wireless Access Request Owners

From tagging a postal service amongst your location, to checking inwards to a restaurant, to but finding out where you lot are, location-based services convey acquire some of the most pop features of today’s Internet. One of the fundamental ways applied scientific discipline companies are able to create upwardly one's hear a place for these services is through a place database, which matches publicly broadcast information close local wireless networks amongst their guess geographic location. By looking for wireless access points that are around a user’s phone, place providers tin render the guess place you lot need. In addition, this method is a proficient alternative to other approaches, similar GPS, because it’s faster, it plant indoors, as well as it’s to a greater extent than battery-efficient.

The wireless access quest information nosotros role inwards our place database, the Google Location Server, doesn’t position people. But every bit first mentioned inwards September, nosotros tin produce to a greater extent than to address privacy concerns.

We’re introducing a method that lets you lot opt out of having your wireless access quest included inwards the Google Location Server. To opt out, catch your access point’s settings as well as alter the wireless network scream (or SSID) as well as then that it ends amongst “_nomap”.  For example, if your SSID is “Network”, you‘d ask to alter it to “Network_nomap”.

To acquire started, catch this Help Center article to acquire to a greater extent than close the procedure as well as to break links amongst specific instructions on how to alter an access point’s SSID for diverse wireless access quest manufacturers.

As nosotros explored dissimilar approaches for opting-out access points from the Google Location Server, nosotros flora that a method based on wireless network names provides the correct residue of simplicity every bit good every bit protection against abuse. Specifically, this approach helps protect against others opting out your access quest without your permission.

Finally, because other place providers volition besides live on able to break these opt-outs, nosotros promise that over fourth dimension the “_nomap” string volition live on adopted universally. This would assist produce goodness all users past times providing everyone amongst a unified opt-out procedure regardless of place provider.

Update Nov 21: Edited punctuation to clarify the "_nomap" tag.

(Cross posted on the European Public Policy Blog)

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