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Greater Accessibility For Google Apps

It's been a twelvemonth since nosotros posted most enhanced accessibility inwards Google Docs, Sites together with Calendar. As nosotros unopen out unopen to other summer, nosotros desire to update our users on unopen to of the novel features together with improvements inwards our products since then. We know that assistive technologies for the spider web are yet evolving, together with we're committed to moving the dry soil of accessibility frontward inwards our applications.

Since final year, we've made a release of accessibility fixes inwards Google Calendar, including improved focus handling, keyboard access, together with navigation. In Google Drive, nosotros incorporated Optical Character Recognition applied scientific discipline to let concealment readers to read text inwards scanned PDFs together with images, together with nosotros added NVDA back upward for concealment readers. New accessibility features inwards mobile apps (Gmail for Mobile together with Google Drive on iOS together with Android) included enhanced explore-by-touch capabilities together with keyboard/trackpad navigability. For a total listing of novel features together with improvements for accessibility inwards our products, banking concern jibe out our post today on

Based on these updates, we’ve likewise created an Administrator Guide to Accessibility that explains best practices for deploying Google Apps to back upward users’ accessibility needs. We desire to give everyone a cracking sense alongside Google Apps, together with this take away is unopen to other resources designed alongside that destination inwards mind.

For to a greater extent than data on these specific accessibility improvements, using Google products alongside concealment readers, how to submit feedback together with how to rails our progress, delight watch


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