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Google’S Information Centers: An Within Look

Very few people stimulate got stepped within Google’s information centers, together with for proficient reason: our root priority is the privacy together with safety of your data, together with nosotros become to cracking lengths to protect it, keeping our sites nether unopen guard. While we’ve shared many of our designs together with best practices, together with we’ve been publishing our efficiency information since 2008, alone a modest gear upward of employees stimulate got access to the server flooring itself.

Today, for the root time, y'all tin encounter within our information centers together with pay them a virtual visit. On Where the Internet lives, our novel site featuring beautiful photographs past times Connie Zhou, you’ll acquire a never-before-seen await at the technology, the people together with the places that proceed Google running.


 In addition, y'all tin instantly explore our Lenoir, NC information middle at your ain footstep inwards Street View. Walk inwards the front door, caput upward the stairs, plough correct at the ping-pong tabular array together with caput downwards the hall to the data middle floor. Or accept a stroll around the exterior of the facility to encounter our energy-efficient cooling infrastructure. You tin too lookout adult man a video tour to larn to a greater extent than nearly what you're viewing inwards Street View together with encounter some of our equipment inwards action.

Finally, nosotros invited writer together with WIRED reporter Steven Levy to beak to the architects of our infrastructure together with acquire an unprecedented await at its inner workings. His new story is an exploration of the history together with development of our infrastructure, amongst a first-time-ever written report from the flooring of a Google information center.

Fourteen years ago, dorsum when Google was a pupil interrogation project, Larry together with Sergey powered their novel search engine using a few cheap, off-the-shelf servers stacked inwards creative ways. We’ve grown a flake since then, together with nosotros promise y'all savor this glimpse at what we’ve built. In the coming days we’ll percentage a serial of posts on the Google Green Blog that explore some of the photographs inwards to a greater extent than detail, thus rest tuned for more!


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