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Google Scientific Discipline Fair 2015: What Volition Y'all Try?

Science is nearly observing as well as experimenting. It’s nearly exploring unanswered questions, solving problems through curiosity, learning equally you lot acquire as well as ever trying again.

That’s the spirit behind the 5th annual Google Science Fair, kicking off today. Together amongst LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American as well as Virgin Galactic, we’re calling on all immature researchers, explorers, builders, technologists as well as inventors to endeavor something ambitious. Something imaginative, or perchance fifty-fifty unimaginable. Something that mightiness merely modify the globe some us.
From directly through May 18, students some the globe ages 13-18 tin submit projects online across all scientific fields, from biological scientific discipline to figurer scientific discipline to anthropology as well as everything inward between. Prizes include $100,000 inward scholarships as well as classroom grants from Scientific American as well as Google, a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos, an chance to see LEGO designers at their Kingdom of Denmark headquarters, as well as the adventure to tour Virgin Galactic’s novel spaceship at their Mojave Air as well as Spaceport. This twelvemonth we’re besides introducing an laurels to recognize an Inspiring Educator, equally good equally a Community Impact Award honoring a projection that addresses an environmental or wellness challenge.

It’s entirely through trying something that nosotros tin acquire somewhere. Flashlights required batteries, as well as then Ann Makosinski tried the oestrus of her hand. His granddad would wander out of bed at night, until Kenneth Shinozuka tried a wearable sensor. The ability furnish was constantly unstable inward her Indian village, thence Harine Ravichandran tried to ready a unlike variety of regulator. Previous Science Fair winners bring blown us away amongst their ideas. Now it’s your turn.

Big ideas that bring the potential to brand a big touching oft starting fourth dimension from something small. Something that makes you lot curious. Something you lot love, you’re skillful at, as well as desire to try.

So, what volition you lot try?

(Cross-posted on the Google for Education Blog)

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