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Google Populace Dns: Lxx Billion Requests A Twenty-Four Hr Menstruation As Well As Counting

We launched Google Public DNS inwards Dec 2009 to assistance brand the spider web faster for everyone. Today, we’re no longer an experimental service. We’re the largest world DNS service inwards the world, treatment an average of to a greater extent than than seventy billion requests a day.

DNS acts similar the telephone majority of the Internet. If yous had to await upwardly hundreds or thousands of telephone numbers every day, you’d desire a directory that was fast, secure too correct. That’s what Google Public DNS provides for tens of millions of people.

Google Public DNS has larn especially pop for our users internationally. Today, nigh seventy percentage of its traffic comes from exterior the the United States of America We’ve maintained our rigid presence inwards North America, South America too Europe, too beefed upwardly our presence inwards Asia. We've likewise added alone novel access points to parts of the earth where nosotros previously didn't conduct hold Google Public DNS servers, including Australia, India, Nippon too Nigeria.

Shortly later on launch, nosotros made a technical proposal for how world DNS services tin operate meliorate amongst to a greater extent than or less kinds of of import spider web hosts (known every bit content distribution networks, or CDNs) that conduct hold servers all of the world. We came upwardly amongst a vogue to transcend data to CDNs too thence they tin post users to nearby servers. Our proposal, at 1 time called “edns-client-subnet,” continues to endure discussed past times members of the Internet Engineering Task Force. While nosotros operate amongst the IETF, other companies conduct hold started experimenting amongst implementing this proposal.

We’ve likewise taken steps to assistance back upwardly IPv6. On World IPv6 Day, nosotros announced our IPv6 addresses: 2001:4860:4860::8888 too 2001:4860:4860::8844 to supplement our master copy addresses, too

Google Public DNS’s destination is simple: making the web—really, the whole Internet!—faster for our users. If you’d similar to drive it yourself, delight run across our page Using Google Public DNS. For to a greater extent than information, delight run across our Introduction to Google Public DNS too Frequently Asked Questions.


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