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Google+: Pop Posts, Eye-Catching Analytics, Photograph Fun And...

We holler back Google+ should acquire amend every fourth dimension y'all purpose it. It’s non plenty to obsess over community feedback (which nosotros do); nosotros also demand to surprise together with please y'all amongst constant improvements (which nosotros also endeavor together with do). Today’s no different, thence we’re rolling out 4 novel features inwards 4 dissimilar areas.

What’s Hot on Google+: meet what everyone’s talking about
Google+ users part together with have billions of items every day—on a broad hit of topics, inwards nearly every country. Circles laissez passer y'all a personal lens on all this activity, helping y'all focus on updates from your job solid unit of measurement or your favorite celebrities. But sometimes y'all desire to know what the the world is thence excited about. Whether it’s breaking tidings or beautiful photos, y'all precisely don’t desire to missy anything. With this inwards mind, we’re launching “What’s Hot” on Google+, a novel house to see for interesting together with unexpected content:

Google+ Ripples: sentinel how posts acquire shared
There’s something deeply satisfying nigh sharing on Google+, together with thence watching the activeness unfold. Comments pour in, notifications lite up, friends part amongst friends (who part amongst their friends), together with inwards no fourth dimension at all there’s an entire community around your post. We desire to tending people re-live those conversations—both to rekindle that initial excitement, together with to larn how posts catamenia across the network. That’s why we’re launching Google+ Ripples: a visualization tool for populace shares together with comments.

To acquire started, precisely honor a public post that interests you, together with pick out “View Ripples.” From at that spot y'all tin replay its activity, zoom inwards on certainly events, position move yesteryear contributors together with much more. Google+ Ripples is all the same experimental, thence permit us know how nosotros tin become far to a greater extent than informative together with to a greater extent than awesome:

Google+ Creative Kit: cause got to a greater extent than fun amongst your photos
Nothing tells a even similar the perfect picture, thence it’s alone natural to desire to brand yours really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Unfortunately, photograph editing is besides oftentimes a chore, requiring specialized software together with lots of patience. We desire to tending everyone position their best photograph forward, thence today we’re introducing the Google+ Creative Kit, a fast together with friendly means to brand powerful edits to your photos.

Now y'all tin add together that vintage experience to your opor-garai photos. Or sharpen those snapshots from the job solid unit of measurement barbeque. Or add together some text for added personality. With the Creative Kit, all y'all demand is an idea:

Of course: nosotros also holler back photograph editing should last lots of fun. So we’ve added some limited-edition Halloween effects to the Creative Kit, together with we’re inviting everyone on Google+ to bring together a ghoulish (and good-spirited) photograph competition.

Through the destination of October, only add together some spook to your photos, together with part them publicly on Google+ amongst the hashtag #gplushalloween. We’ll get together a surprise panel of celebrities, together with side yesteryear side Thursday, November 3, they’ll denote their favorites. In the meantime, y'all tin meet early on submissions from community members below. After all: nosotros cause got our fun really seriously. :-)

From left to right: Larry Page, Sergey Brin (top), Adrian Grenier (bottom), Britney Spears,

… Google Apps customers tin straight off purpose Google+
You’ve been bespeak for it. I’ve been talking nigh it. And today we’re excited to brand Google+ available to all Google Apps customers worldwide. Visit the Google Enterprise Blog for to a greater extent than details.

We holler back Google+ should acquire amend every fourth dimension y'all purpose it, together with nosotros promise it feels that means today. If always it doesn’t, nosotros promise you’ll let us know.


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