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Google+ Pages: Connect Alongside All The Things Y'all Attention About

In life nosotros connect amongst all kinds of people, places in addition to things. There’s friends in addition to family, of course, but there’s also the sports teams nosotros beginning for, the java shops we’re loyal to, in addition to the TV shows nosotros can’t halt watching (to elevate a few).

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people amongst other people. But nosotros desire to create certain yous tin create relationships amongst all the things yous aid about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.

People + pages, ameliorate together
Google+ has ever been a house for real-life sharing, in addition to Google+ Pages is no exception. After all: behind every page (or storefront, or four-door sedan) is a passionate grouping of individuals, in addition to nosotros retrieve yous should able to connect amongst them too.

For yous in addition to me, this agency nosotros tin straightaway hang out alive amongst the local bike shop, or hash out our wardrobe amongst a favorite vesture line, or follow a band on tour. Google+ pages give life to everything nosotros notice inwards the existent world. And past times adding them to circles, nosotros tin create lasting bonds amongst the pages (and people) that affair most.

For businesses in addition to brands, Google+ pages help yous connect amongst the customers in addition to fans who beloved you. Not entirely tin they recommend yous amongst a +1, or add together yous to a circle to brain long-term. They tin genuinely pass fourth dimension amongst your team, face-to-face-to-face. All yous require to practise is start sharing, in addition to you'll shortly notice the super fans in addition to loyal customers that desire to nation hello.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 publish of pages are already available (see below), but whatever organisation volition shortly live able to bring together the community at
* You tin bring together Kermit in addition to Ms. Piggy for a alive Hangout on the Muppets’ Google+ page today at 4:30pm PT!

Direct Connect from Google search
People search on Google billions of times a day, in addition to real often, they're looking for businesses in addition to brands. Today's launch of Google+ Pages tin help people transform their queries into meaningful connections, in addition to hence we're rolling out 2 ways to add together pages to circles from Google search. The get-go is past times including Google+ pages inwards search results, in addition to the minute is a novel characteristic called Direct Connect.

Maybe you're watching a motion painting trailer, or yous only heard that your favorite band is coming to town. In both cases yous desire to connect amongst them correct now, in addition to Direct Connect makes it easy—even automatic. Just acquire to Google in addition to search for [+], followed past times the page you're interested inwards (like +Angry Birds). We'll accept yous to their Google+ page, in addition to if yous want, we’ll add together them to your circles.

Direct Connect industrial plant for a express publish of pages today (like +Google, +Pepsi, in addition to +Toyota), but many to a greater extent than are coming. In the meantime, organizations tin larn to a greater extent than nearly Direct Connect inwards our Help Center.

With Google+, nosotros strive to select the nuance in addition to richness of real-life sharing to software. Today’s initial launch of Google+ Pages brings us a petty fleck closer, but we’ve all the same got lots of improvements planned, in addition to miles to acquire earlier nosotros sleep. So remain tuned.


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