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Google Maps Straight Off Has Schedules For To A Greater Extent Than Than 1 1000000 World Transit Stops Worldwide

Since 2005, we’ve collaborated alongside hundreds of transit regime unopen to the reason to brand a comprehensive resources for millions of riders to detect out which bus, train, subway or tram tin flame get got them to their side past times side destination. Today, Google Maps has world shipping schedules for to a greater extent than than 1 meg transit stops worldwide, inwards close 500 cities including New York, London, Tokyo as well as Sydney.

Public shipping data is peculiarly useful when it’s inwards the palm of your hand. Today we’re releasing an update to the Google Maps for Android app (version 6.10) which makes this transit data fifty-fifty to a greater extent than useful. We’ve made some changes to the Transit Lines layer, as well as hence that yous tin flame pick out a specific agency of world shipping (train, bus, tram or subway) to display on the mobile map, hiding the other modes. This is helpful inwards areas where at that topographic point is a tight concentration of several types of world transit.
Left: Mobile map alongside all modes of world transit shown; Right: Transit Lines layer inwards Subway mode

We’ve besides updated the layout of station pages to survive to a greater extent than useful. Open it past times tapping on the cite of the station on your mobile map.

Updated station pages demo yous deviation times, lines serving the station as well as the distance to nearby stations.

In improver to these novel transit features, we’ve updated share highlighting, My Places as well as Location History displays inwards Google Maps for Android:
  • Now, whenever yous search for a metropolis or postal code, the borders of that share are highlighted.
  • Under My Places you’ll notice we’ve added novel tabs, which volition attention yous access all your data from a unmarried place; from your saved maps for role offline to your starred places as well as Custom Maps created on your desktop.
  • If yous enable Location History, you’ll survive able to browse the places you’ve been on a daily reason alongside an updated Location History dashboard.
Whether you’re looking for schedule as well as fare information, directions past times world transit or nearby stations, Google Maps puts comprehensive, accurate as well as useful transit data at your fingertips. Update to the latest version of Google Maps for Android inwards the Google Play store.


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