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Google Maps Shows How Nosotros Spent Summertime 2012

In the blink of an eye, summertime is coming to an end. It feels similar it was merely yesterday that I was planning out all my summertime activities equally I eagerly awaited the start of long, sunny days together with warm nights.

Before nosotros approach the official destination of summertime on September 21, our Google Maps squad idea it’d live on fun to run into how those of us inwards the Northern Hemisphere convey spent the Canis familiaris days. To produce this, nosotros reviewed the summertime search action on inwards several countries betwixt the destination of May together with the get-go of September. Within each country, a aspect at some of the top-rising searches together with the often-searched landmarks on Google Maps gives us a sense of how people unopen to the footing spent their summers.

We’re honored that people rely on the comprehensive together with accurate imagery inwards Google Maps to research, plan, preview together with digitally experience distant equally good equally local destinations across the globe. Take a aspect together with click through for a larger image:

North Americans sought out the best local beaches to assist cool off from the summertime heat. In comparison, many to a greater extent than people from Spain, Italy together with French Republic searched for community swimming pools. In cooler areas of the Great Britain the rise Google Maps searches included many indoor activities such equally squash, bars together with going to the gym. And, equally expected, go was a clear alternative for the summer, equally indicated past times a surge inwards searches for lodging inwards near every region.

Many pop destination searches were located outdoors. National parks together with Hawaiian islands were the most pop searches inwards the U.S., spell local parks, zoos, gardens together with playgrounds topped Canada’s together with Europe’s list. Major landmarks such equally the Empire State Building inwards New York City, Niagara Falls inwards Canada, the Eiffel Tower inwards Paris together with the Taj Mahal inwards Republic of Republic of India likewise topped the listing of often-searched places inwards Google Maps. And of course, alongside the Summer Games drawing inwards international audiences, Wembley Stadium together with the Olympic Stadium were 2 of the most searched for locations throughout the Great Britain this summer.

Check out the destinations that captured people’s attending this summertime together with run into how your interests compared to others unopen to the world. We promise you lot relish this aspect dorsum to scream back the fun places nosotros all went alongside Google Maps this summer, together with nosotros can’t hold off to assist you lot find your side past times side adventure!

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