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Google Intelligence Turns 10

Google News launched on September 22, 2002—exactly a decade ago.

Inspired yesteryear the widespread involvement inwards word afterwards the September xi attacks, nosotros invested inwards technology to aid people search too browse word relevant to them. Google News broke novel the world inwards word aggregation yesteryear gathering links inwards existent time, grouping articles yesteryear floor too ranking stories based on the editorial opinions of publishers worldwide. Linking to a various educate of sources for whatever given floor enabled readers to easily access dissimilar perspectives too genres of content. By featuring opposing viewpoints inwards the same display block, people were encouraged to withdraw heed arguments on both sides of an final result too gain a to a greater extent than balanced perspective.

In the final x years, Google News has grown to 72 editions inwards xxx languages, too straightaway draws from to a greater extent than than 50,000 word sources. The technology too powers Google’s word search. Together, they connect 1 billion unique users a calendar week to word content.

Google News today

As nosotros induce got scaled the service internationally, nosotros induce got added novel features (Local News, Editors’ Picks, Authorship, Social Discussions), evolved our design, embraced mobile too run ancillary experiments (Fast Flip, Living Stories, Timeline). In parallel, nosotros induce got monitored our character too challenged our engineers to improve the technology nether the hood—increase freshness, grouping word better, rank stories to a greater extent than accurately, personalize amongst to a greater extent than insight too streamline the infrastructure.

Take a await dorsum at the yesteryear decade inwards Google News through the exceed stories from each twelvemonth too a few notable features that induce got launched inwards the interim:

It’s undeniable that the online word landscape has changed immensely. Smartphones too social networks induce got transformed how word is accessed too sourced, too shifted the human relationship betwixt readers too authors. Open journalism is the norm, too aggregation yesteryear humans too machines is an integral business office of the ecosystem. New technologies such equally Hangouts on Air induce got the potential to connect users, journalists too persuasion makers too transform how stories are discussed.

Opportunities abound, too nosotros are excited for where nosotros tin accept this production inwards the side yesteryear side decade. While alter is inevitable, i affair remains the same: our mission is to convey you lot the word you lot want, when you lot withdraw it, from a various educate of sources.

(Cross-posted on the Google News blog)

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