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Google+ Hangouts As Well As The Nfl: Fantasy Football, Face-To-Face-To-Face

The 2012 NFL season is but over a calendar month away, which way i affair for millions of fans around the world: it’s fourth dimension for fantasy. Fantasy football game has been around since the 1960s, in addition to has larn a groovy way to follow your favorite athletes—and remain inwards touching on with the people you lot attention about. This year, amongst the NFL, we're giving fantasy football game fans a novel way to connect throughout the season: Google+ Hangouts. Here’s how it plant inwards a nutshell:
  • From whatever page—including the Draft in addition to Game Centers—you tin directly click a unmarried push to foremost a hangout with your league
  • Later this month, you’ll run across a alive indicator on if anyone inwards your league is already hanging out
Because most fans pick out their fantasy rosters inwards existent time, in addition to many leagues consist of people from across the globe, nosotros scream back you'll abide by that hangouts are a natural extension of your (healthy) obsession. Not entirely tin you lot connect alive with your friends on draft day; you lot tin truly gloat celebrate inwards person, regardless of where your league members are located. We're likewise upping the publish of hangout participants from 10 to 12 on, since the touchstone fantasy league has a dozen players.

Fantasy football game hangout (top window), alive indicator on (right), chat bar on (bottom-left)

Fantasy football game hangouts don’t halt at the draft, however. Throughout the flavor you’ll live able to:
  • Hang out with your friends to bear trades, review league describe of piece of occupation organization or but chat acre watching the game on TV
  • Enjoy fantasy hangouts on the overstep away or on the couch using the novel Google+ app for phones in addition to tablets (Android, iOS)
  • Get advice from meridian NFL Fantasy commentators equally they hang out with fans in addition to beak over the week’s results
The +NFL Network volition broadcast weekly highlights from some of these commentator hangouts. And of course, you lot tin ever percentage fantasy articles in addition to tips with your circles—either from the NFL’s site, or their newly-launched Google+ page.

Visit today to sign up, in addition to to prep for your draft via hangout. If you lot similar football game but haven’t yet played fantasy, this year’s a groovy fourth dimension to start. After all, hangouts help brand fantasy football game nearly to a greater extent than than but the game; they’re a groovy way to construct lasting relationships on whatever given Dominicus (and every solar daytime inwards between).


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