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Google Globe Downloaded To A Greater Extent Than Than I Billion Times

(Cross-posted from the Lat Long Blog)

How large is 1 billion? One billion hours agone modern humans were living inwards the Stone Age. One billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was flourishing. If yous traveled from basis to the Luna 3 times, your journeying would mensurate 1 billion meters.

Today, we’ve reached our ain 1 billion mark: Google Earth has been downloaded to a greater extent than than 1 billion times since it was commencement introduced inwards 2005. That’s to a greater extent than than 1 billion downloads of the Google basis desktop client, mobile apps in addition to the Google basis plug-in—all enabling yous to to explore the populace inwards seconds, from basis to Mars to the body of body of water floor.

 One billion hours agone modern humans were living inwards the Stone Age Google basis downloaded to a greater extent than than 1 billion times

We’re proud of our 1 billion milestone, only we’re fifty-fifty to a greater extent than amazed at the agency people convey used Google basis to explore the world. When nosotros founded Keyhole, Inc. dorsum inwards 2001 (the fellowship was acquired past times Google inwards 2004), nosotros never imagined our geospatial applied scientific discipline would hold upward used past times people inwards in addition to then many unexpected ways. At, we’ve collected stories from people all over the populace who usage Google basis to follow their dreams, uncovering novel in addition to distant places, or brand the populace a ameliorate place.

Visit to larn nigh people similar Professor David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia, who’s used Google basis to scan thousands of foursquare kilometers inwards Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to Jordan. Professor Kennedy has discovered ancient tombs in addition to geoglyphs dating dorsum at to the lowest degree 2,000 years, all without leaving his desk inwards Perth. Architect Barnaby Gunning, afterward the Apr 6, 2009 earthquake close L’Aquila Italy, encouraged his beau citizens to begin rebuilding the metropolis virtually inwards 3D. Their online urban planning volition assistance metropolis planners in addition to architects. Retired English linguistic communication instructor Jerome Burg created Google Lit Trips, which uses Google basis to check places inwards famous books to their geographical locations, encouraging students to practise connections betwixt the stories they read inwards schoolhouse in addition to the populace they alive in.

We promise yous taste the site, in addition to that it illustrates how around of those 1 billion downloads of Google basis convey been making a difference. You tin explore these stories correct inwards your browser alongside the Google basis plug-in or download the KML files to sentiment inwards Google Earth.

If yous convey a Google basis story you’d similar to share, we’d dear to hear from you. If yous don’t convey Google Earth, download it now in addition to hold upward purpose of the adjacent billion stories. While it’s inspiring to encounter how Google basis has touched the lives of in addition to then many, nosotros know the best is nevertheless to come.


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