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Google Fiber Is Coming To Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville As Well As Raleigh-Durham

It’s been nearly 5 years since nosotros offered to build a fiber-optic network inward 1 U.S. of A. metropolis every bit an experiment — in addition to were met amongst overwhelming enthusiasm. Now, Google Fiber is alive inward Kansas City, Provo in addition to Austin, in addition to we've started to run across how gigabit Internet, amongst speeds upwardly to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, tin transform cities. It tin plough over them novel platforms for economical evolution in addition to novel ways of using applied scientific discipline to ameliorate life for their citizens. And, some the country, it seems to locomote catching on.

Check out the Kansas City Startup Village in addition to Provo learn-how-to-code hub DevMountain. Take a aspect at the work of a geneticist whose speedy connection could 1 24-hour interval aid newborns inward intensive care, or how 1 city's network is connecting a high schoolhouse classroom to an underwater microscope then students tin report oceanic life inward the Pacific... from Chattanooga, Tenn. There are many to a greater extent than stories similar this—stories nigh how people are using gigabit meshing to spark innovation, inspire creativity, in addition to collaborate inward ways they exactly couldn't before. And nosotros desire to run across fifty-fifty more.

So, today, we’re happy to denote that Google Fiber is coming to xviii cities across 4 new subway scheme areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, in addition to Raleigh-Durham. We can’t hold off to run across what people in addition to businesses across the Southeast U.S. of A. produce amongst gigabit speeds.

Bringing Google Fiber to these cities is a long-term investment. We’ve been working closely amongst metropolis leaders over the past times yr on a joint planning process to acquire their communities create for Google Fiber—and straightaway the actually difficult operate begins. Our adjacent stride is to operate amongst cities to create a detailed map of where nosotros tin position our thousands of miles of fiber, using existing infrastructure such every bit utility poles in addition to hole-and-corner conduit, in addition to making certain to avoid things similar gas in addition to H2O lines. Then a squad of surveyors in addition to engineers volition hitting the streets to fill upwardly inward missing details. Once we’re done designing the network (which nosotros aspect to wind upwardly inward a few months), we’ll commencement construction.

We’re too continuing to explore bringing fiber to 5 additional subway scheme areas—Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio in addition to San Jose, in addition to volition select updates on these potential Fiber cities afterward this year.

Today, nosotros aren't the alone ones talking nigh gigabit broadband. From the White House to master copy street, a chorus of novel voices is standing upwardly for speed. Just end calendar week during the shows gigabit networks are contributing billions of dollars inward economical growth. Communities across America are demanding to a greater extent than speed for their ain homes in addition to businesses, in addition to we’re going to boot the bucket on doing our business office to help.


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