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Google+: Explore The World, Correct From The Classroom

We all shout out back the days when we’d brand it at school, permission slips as well as handbag lunches inward tow, ready to firm forth on a champaign trip. Those were the days nosotros waited for all year. Yet close champaign trips toll money, involve lots of planning, as well as tin give the axe alone acquire every bit far every bit a schoolhouse omnibus tin give the axe cause got you.

Today we’re launching a novel initiatory on Google+ called Connected Classrooms that enables students around the the world to cause got “virtual champaign trips” through Google+ Hangouts, visiting places they would otherwise never endure able to explore. We’re kicking things off today amongst champaign trips to the Seattle Aquarium, the Minnesota Zoo as well as the Solar Impulse hangar. Later, teachers tin give the axe sign upwards to cause got their classrooms on virtual champaign trips hosted past times organizations similar National Geographic, Matilda the Musical, the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as to a greater extent than than twenty other partners.

Teachers are already using Google+ to brand learning to a greater extent than relevant, collaborative as well as accessible—from exploring a world-class fine art museum to staging a play to venturing into space. Connected Classrooms aims to brand it easier for teachers to access exciting educational content to portion amongst their students. In add-on to the virtual champaign trips, teachers who see the Connected Classrooms site volition cause got the chance to bring together a Google+ Community amongst other educators to collaborate on champaign trips as well as portion best practices for using digital tools inward the classroom.

If you’re a K-12 teacher, caput over to the Connected Classrooms site as well as learn how your classroom tin give the axe participate.


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