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Google Drive: Updates For Ios Together With Android

Every day, to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than people are choosing to alive online in addition to get things done inwards the cloud. Helping to brand this sense equally seamless equally possible, Google Drive is one house where you lot tin create, part in addition to proceed all your stuff. Drive is available on the web, equally good equally Mac, Windows in addition to Android and iOS.

Updates for iOS
Starting today, if you’re using the Android app. From your iPhone or iPad, you lot tin create a novel document, edit an existing 1 or format text. And, only similar on your computer, you’ll last able to run across other people’s edits similar a shot equally they’re made.

You’ll likewise honour other novel improvements to the iOS Drive app. For example, you lot tin at nowadays sentiment Google presentations on your iPhone or iPad, including speaker notes, full-screen trend in addition to the mightiness to swipe betwixt slides. You tin likewise create novel folders, deed files into folders in addition to upload stuff (like photos in addition to videos) from your device straight inwards the Drive app.

Updates for Android 
We’re likewise updating the Drive app for Android phones in addition to tablets today. You tin at nowadays add together comments, reply to existing comments in addition to sentiment tables inwards your Google documents. And you’ll convey the same novel abilities to sentiment presentations in addition to organize your materials equally your friends amongst iPhones do.

More to come... 
Looking ahead, nosotros convey enough to a greater extent than planned for the Drive mobile apps—including native editing in addition to real-time collaboration for Google spreadsheets. Stay tuned.

Get Drive inwards the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod behave on in addition to watch the Play Store to acquire the latest on your Android band or tablet. To acquire to a greater extent than close Google Drive, watch

Posted past times Anil Sabharwal, Senior Product Manager

(Cross-posted on the Enterprise in addition to Drive blogs)

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