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Google As Well As Historypin Launch Online Gallery To Celebrate The Queen’S Diamond Jubilee

This yr marks the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating Her Majesty’s lx years on the throne. To commemorate this especial occasion, we’re teaming upwards alongside Historypin to launch an interactive online gallery filled alongside memories of her fourth dimension equally Queen.

The Pinning The Queen’s History projection volition last made upwards of photographic images, videos as well as well clips pinned straight onto a Google Map on the dedicated Historypin site. This volition allow yous encounter historical images inward modern context inside Google Maps.

Throughout her 6 decades on the throne, The Queen has undertaken hundreds of visits around the Great Britain as well as 261 official overseas visits to 116 dissimilar countries. Historypin is inviting people from around the world to submit photos, videos as well as other memories of The Queen during these visits.

Using Google Maps as well as Street View, the Historypin platform enables yous to pinpoint the exact place of where the imagery was captured. They’ll last overlaid onto Street View, thus yous tin compare glimpses of the Queen’s 60-year reign alongside how they expect today.

The collection has been boosted past times the provision of images from The Queen’s overseas visits taken past times press photographers, as well as past times photographs of items from the Buckingham Palace’s Royal Archives. Items from the Royal Archives include the sitar presented to The Queen during her see to Republic of Republic of India inward 1997, an earthenware vase presented to the Queen past times the Prime Minister of Nihon as well as a map showing the air routes around South Commonwealth of Australia during the 1954 Commonwealth Tour.

The interactive gallery is an chance for anyone to contribute to as well as celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on 1 global platform. We’re honoured that Google Maps tin cast the foundation of this official gallery.

Submit your memories of The Queen at

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