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Google Apps Highlights – 9/2/2011

This is business office of a regular serial of Google Apps updates that nosotros post every distich of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights" too subscribe to the series. - Ed.

Over the concluding few weeks, nosotros added a few frequently-requested improvements to Google Apps, including offline access inward Gmail, Calendar too Docs, page numbering inward documents, too page-level permissions inward Google Sites. If you’ve been waiting for these features, delight give them a try!

Work offline inward Gmail, Calendar too Docs
You tin connect to the Internet inward to a greater extent than too to a greater extent than places now, but you lot likely occasionally discovery yourself inward situations when you lot can’t role spider web apps because of spotty connectivity. Now you lot tin stay productive fifty-fifty without a connection inward Gmail, Calendar too Docs on Chrome, cheers to novel offline capabilities for each of these applications.

Free calls habitation for overseas U.S. Military personnel
On Tuesday, Gmail too added the powerfulness for all U.S. Military personnel amongst valid .mil electronic mail addresses to call the U.S. for free. We appreciate the hardships our troops face, too nosotros promise to brand staying inward affect amongst friends too describe of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement a lilliputian easier for them spell they’re deployed.

Page numbers inward Google Docs
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 spell dorsum nosotros added page headers too footers inward Google Docs, too instantly you lot tin add together automatic page numbers at the locomote yesteryear or bottom of your pages. We’ve heard from enough of students too teachers who asked for this feature, too hence we’re glad to hold upwards making Google Docs merely a lilliputian flake amend for them.

Page-level permissions inward Google Sites
Sometimes projection sites are most useful when the whole squad tin access everything inward the site, but at that spot are other situations—like when you’re sharing a site amongst a client—when you lot mightiness non desire everyone to bring total access. That’s where page-level permissions come upwards inward handy. It’s a uncomplicated means to specify who tin run across each page inward your Google Sites.

Administrative audit history
Another useful characteristic that nosotros added for organizations this calendar week is administrative alter reporting. This novel surface area of the command panel lets admins run across a tape of administrative changes that bring been made to their Google Apps setup, including changes to user accounts, application settings, mobile settings too administrative delegation.

Who’s gone Google?
More than iv 1000000 businesses are using Google Apps now, too the moving ridge of organizations switching over continues to accelerate. Yesterday at Dreamforce, Eric Schmidt shared a distich novel details almost the growing momentum inward this area, including the fact that to a greater extent than than 5,000 businesses sign upwards each day, too that at that spot are to a greater extent than than xl 1000000 total active users inward organizations using Google Apps.

To larn a flavour of how organizations are putting Google Apps to work, Viocorp, North Carolina A&T State University too Lamar Advertising shared their stories over the concluding few weeks.


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