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Google Apps Highlights – 11/18/2011

This is locomote of a regular serial of Google Apps updates that nosotros post every couplet of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights" as well as subscribe to the series. - Ed.

The concluding few weeks conduct maintain brought a fresh novel expect inward Gmail, to a greater extent than mobile access options as well as simpler coming together scheduling tools. Millions of organizations using Google Apps tin at in i lawsuit job Google+ on their describe of piece of work organisation as well as academy accounts, as well as nosotros launched a couplet Apps-related Google+ Pages ourselves.

Gmail’s novel look
Back inward July nosotros previewed Gmail’s novel look, as well as a couplet weeks agone nosotros started letting people switch to the novel design amongst i click. The refreshed interface makes it easier to follow conversations as well as topographic point the sender amongst profile pictures for each message. The novel expect also supports dynamic enshroud densities, as well as then Gmail displays properly whether you’re viewing on a large desktop monitor or a smaller mobile screen. We also added a alternative of beautiful HD themes to the existing gallery. Finally, nosotros made it easier to perform advanced electronic mail searches using a panel of powerful search options that reveals amongst a unmarried click.

Gmail app for iOS devices
This calendar month nosotros introduced the the iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch, consummate amongst mobile alerts for novel mail, a responsive deport upon enshroud interface as well as Gmail mainstays similar fast search, conversation persuasion as well as address auto-complete.

Suggested coming together times inward Google Calendar
We’ve heard how frustrating it tin last to pass fifteen minutes finding a practiced fourth dimension for people to convene for a thirty infinitesimal meeting, as well as then nosotros made it easier to respect a practiced coming together fourth dimension inward Google Calendar. The suggested times characteristic automatically reviews the availability of coming together invitees, as well as proposes number times that piece of work for the whole group.

Google+ for organizations using Google Apps
Businesses, schools as well as organizations amongst Google Apps tin at in i lawsuit use Google+. Employees as well as students tin create profiles, +1 things they similar on the web, part interesting content amongst their circles as well as conduct maintain alive multi-person video chats amongst classmates, colleagues as well as friends. Organizations tin also create their Google+ Pages—an organization’s identity on Google+ for customers, students or fans. We’re using Google+ Pages ourselves, as well as then conduct maintain a expect at the Gmail as well as Google Enterprise pages, as well as circle us if you’d similar to remain inward the loop.

24x7 telephone back upward as well as improved mobile device management
This week, nosotros introduced a couplet other novel benefits for Google Apps customers. Organizations of all sizes unopen to the globe tin at in i lawsuit call our back upward hotline at whatsoever fourth dimension for all heart as well as soul service issue. Also novel this week, nosotros improved our mobile device management capabilities amongst an interface for administrators to persuasion as well as deny mobile devices connecting to Google Apps, granular mobile policy controls, as well as the mightiness to visualize mobile usage trends across the organization.

Who’s gone Google?
Organizations large as well as small-scale buy the farm along to amass unopen to Google Apps. We’re thrilled to welcome a whole host of novel customers including the Trinity Mirror Group (Britain’s largest paper publisher), startups such equally JobFlo as well as UserTesting, organizations including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, as well as colleges similar the University of Michigan as well as UT Austin. Welcome to all!

I promise these production updates as well as client stories assistance yous as well as your organisation larn fifty-fifty to a greater extent than from Google Apps. For to a greater extent than details as well as the latest news, cheque out the Google Apps Blog.


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