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Google Apps Highlights – 10/22/2011

This is live of a regular serial of Google Apps updates that nosotros post every couplet of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights" as well as subscribe to the series. - Ed.

In the spirit of helping people piece of employment ameliorate together, over the final few weeks nosotros made large improvements to Google presentations, introduced a version of Google Docs optimized for Android tablets, as well as enabled to a greater extent than dynamic content inward Google Sites. We also celebrated the fact that Silicon Valley has gone Google!

Google presentations reloaded
On Tuesday nosotros launched a completely rebuilt version of our web-based presentations application, as well as then yous tin laissez passer notice build to a greater extent than beautiful presentations together alongside colleagues as well as classmates. Google presentations forthwith lets yous brand great-looking slides alongside animated builds, advanced slide transitions as well as ameliorate back upwards for drawings, tables as well as themes. Plus, nosotros made it easier to practice presentations alongside others, without the hassles of attachments. Your whole squad tin laissez passer notice piece of employment together inward the same version of a presentation at the same time, as well as yous tin laissez passer notice come across who’s doing what, chat alongside others, as well as come across a amount revision history at whatever instant inward time.

Google Docs on Android tablets
We’ve made it faster as well as easier to piece of employment alongside Google Docs on Android tablets alongside a novel version of the Android application that takes amount payoff of larger covert existent estate. The three-panel persuasion lets yous browse filters as well as collections, come across your document listing as well as persuasion file thumbnails as well as details simultaneously. You tin laissez passer notice instruct the Google Docs Android app for complimentary from the Android Market.

Charts inward Google Sites
Charts are ofttimes created inward spreadsheets, only sometimes yous desire charts to appear inward other places, similar your team or projection sites. In Google Sites, forthwith yous tin laissez passer notice select “Chart” from the “Insert” menu, as well as navigate to the Google Spreadsheet where your nautical chart or information is located. You tin laissez passer notice also select to guide maintain your site’s nautical chart update inward real-time when somebody updates the underlying spreadsheet.

New await for Google Docs as well as Sites
We started rolling out a novel await inward Google Docs a couplet months ago, as well as forthwith this novel blueprint is available throughout all our collaboration tools. In add-on to a cleaner, simpler design, we’ve made it to a greater extent than clear when your files are beingness auto-saved as well as added novel icons to assist yous come across at-a-glance who your docs are shared with. You tin laissez passer notice also customize the overall “density” of covert information, a bully characteristic if yous desire to stand upwards for to a greater extent than onto a smaller display.

Who’s gone Google?
Successful modest businesses tend to remain laser-focused on improving their inwardness businesses, without getting distracted past times peripheral activities that don’t brand them to a greater extent than competitive. For example, almost modest businesses don’t desire to pass fourth dimension or coin developing in-house expertise to run e-mail as well as other information technology systems. Case inward point: 97 per centum of Business Insider’s “Silicon Valley Startups to Watch” utilisation Google Apps.

More than 5,000 businesses as well as thousands of other organizations outset using Google Apps every unmarried day, as well as to a greater extent than of our customers guide maintain shared their stories lately as well as then yous tin laissez passer notice involve heed why. H5N1 warm welcome goes out to Philz Coffee, Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Bradford & Barthel, LLP as well as the City of Mesquite, Nevada.

I promise these production updates as well as client stories assist yous as well as your arrangement instruct fifty-fifty to a greater extent than from Google Apps. For to a greater extent than details as well as the latest news, cheque out the Google Apps Blog.


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