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Go Blue, Become Google

I’m i of hundreds of University of Michigan alumni currently working at Google. So is this guy. I’m proud to bring a bird from U-M—and that nosotros made it to 2 Rose Bowls too i Final Four during my fourth dimension there. But I’m fifty-fifty to a greater extent than proud that today we’re welcoming my alma mater to the Google Apps for Education family. By providing our cloud services to the entire academy community, we’ll drib dead on to laid upwards on the potent human relationship that Google too the University of Michigan bring had for many years. Many other alums—especially inwards our Ann Arbor office—are only every bit excited every bit I am:

Over a twelvemonth ago, the University of Michigan (U-M) announced a novel information technology strategy known every bit NextGen Michigan, a excogitation to upgrade applied scientific discipline across the campus. Laura Patterson, U-M’s Chief Information Office, told us the switch to Google is only i of many projects that volition brand upwards U-M’s multi-year strategy for changing the approach to information technology service too investing to a greater extent than heavily inwards technologies that volition advance the university’s academic, teaching, interrogation too clinical programs. She said: “Adopting Google Apps for Education volition assist back upwards U-M’s leadership inwards teaching, learning too discovery, every bit good every bit meliorate collaboration across campus.”

As their get-go social club of business, U-M kicked off a projection to involve a unified messaging too collaboration platform to assist consolidate the to a greater extent than than twoscore e-mail too calendar tools which currently service nearly 90,000 students, faculty too staff. After a review procedure that included townhall meetings too a campus survey, the university’s information technology steering commission overwhelmingly recommended Google Apps for Education every bit U-M’s preferred provider.

In add-on to the suite of products inwards Google Apps for Education, U-M also plans to use APIs to build rich integration amongst existing campus services and encourage increased collaboration.

Hail to the Victors—The University of Michigan is going Google!


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