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Get Your Google Back

If you’ve moved to Windows 8 too are getting acquainted alongside it, you lot may survive looking for a pair of your favorite Google products that you lot role every day. To deal you lot acquire the best sense possible on Google too across the web, we’ve designed too built a novel Google Search app too Chrome browser for Windows 8 too created a simple site to deal you lot acquire your Google back.


The Google Search app comes alongside a build clean too recognizable user interface. Our novel vox search lets you lot naturally utter questions. The icon search too icon previews are built for swiping. And, equally usual, you lot acquire immediate results equally you lot type alongside Google Instant. The doodles you lot bask on particular occasions volition survive correct at that spot on the homepage too fifty-fifty present upwardly on the Google tile on your get-go screen.

The Chrome browser is the same Chrome you lot know too love, alongside about customizations to optimize for touchscreens, including larger buttons too the might to choke along Chrome opened upwardly side past times side to your other favorite apps. It delivers the fast, secure spider web sense you’ve come upwardly to hold back from Chrome on all your devices.

To acquire both Google Search too Chrome installed on your Windows 8 machine, caput to our site too larn how to acquire your familiar Google apps back.


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