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Get Materials Done Inwards The Cloud. Become Google.

You likely take away heed price similar “the cloud” or “cloud computing” beingness used a lot these days. While the persuasion of the cloud may appear abstract, many things you lot already create on your calculator in addition to smartphone today, such equally email, photograph sharing in addition to video streaming, are made possible yesteryear the cloud.

At the middle of it, Google is almost cloud computing—helping people alive online in addition to larn things done inwards the cloud. Whether you lot postulate to add together “milk” to a shared shopping listing from the train, collaborate amongst your teammate dorsum inwards the portion to complete your presentation from a hotel lobby, or chat face-to-face amongst your mom from halfway or in addition to then the world, nosotros believe that getting materials done inwards the cloud is a amend way. We similar to telephone phone it “going Google.”

We’ve built cloud-based tools similar Gmail, Google Calendar in addition to Google Docs to assist you lot connect in addition to collaborate online amongst others to a greater extent than rapidly in addition to easily, without having to bargain amongst the hassles in addition to frustrations of installing in addition to managing traditional software. Last week’s launch of Google Drive is the adjacent step: Google Drive brings together many Google services—documents, spreadsheets, images in addition to more—all inwards i house in addition to then you lot tin sack easily create, collaborate, in addition to part inwards real-time. Files are saved automatically, in addition to friends, teammates, roommates, families in addition to co-workers tin sack create things together—even when they’re not. If you lot haven’t already tried it, Google Drive is a bully house to starting fourth dimension going Google.

Today, hundreds of millions of people, including sixteen i thou 1000 students in addition to teachers at 66 of the 4 i thou 1000 businesses worldwide including Burberry, Costco in addition to National Geographic (and possibly fifty-fifty your 13-year-old missy in addition to her entire soccer team) pick out all already gone Google.

If you’re going Google to create a company, great. If you lot write your grand opus poem, fifty-fifty better. If you lot pick out to plough a projection or in addition to then from dissimilar fourth dimension zones overnight, awesome. And if you lot video-chat amongst grandma spell you lot do—well, that’s but showing off.

So become on. See what it’s similar to larn materials done in addition to go Google.


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