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From Lake Tanganyika To Google Earth: Using Tech To Assistance Our Communities

Today we're joined past times MD Jane Goodall, primatologist in addition to founder of the Jane Goodall Institute in addition to Roots & Shoots program. In this post, MD Goodall shares her thoughts on how today’s engineering tin enable to a greater extent than people but about the world to brand a deviation inwards their communities. Join MD Goodall for a celebratory Birthday Hangout on Air today at xi a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT. -Ed.

When I kickoff gear upward pes on the shores of Lake Tanganyika inwards 1960 to written report chimpanzee behavior, I carried amongst me notebooks, pencils in addition to a twosome of second-hand binoculars. I was, at the time, a immature lady amongst no scientific training, but had a strong passion for learning well-nigh animals inwards Africa. In after years I founded the Jane Goodall Institute, dedicated to preserving the habitat of chimpanzees in addition to other animals worldwide.
The writer connects amongst a fellow member of the Kasakela chimpanzee community inwards Gombe. 
Photo courtesy of JGI.

Today, the mapping engineering available to all of us is completely changing the potential for fauna in addition to environmental research. My trip inwards 1960 would withdraw keep looked quite dissimilar today. You withdraw keep much to a greater extent than ability at your fingertips, in addition to you lot don't fifty-fifty withdraw keep to operate out your home. Tools similar Google Earth allow you lot see the shores of Lake Tanganyika amongst but a few keystrokes. And inwards Gombe, local villagers are using Android smartphones in addition to tablets, inwards conjunction amongst Google Maps Engine in addition to world Engine, to monitor changes inwards the woods habitat that conduct upon chimpanzee populations. Technology makes it hence tardily for people to notice in addition to portion information in addition to to empathise the world but about them. And in i lawsuit nosotros understand, nosotros tin laid out to foster positive change.

The Jane Goodall Institute engages local communities from Tanzania, Republic of Uganda in addition to across Africa to collect information on forests, wild fauna in addition to human activities using Google Android handheld devices. 
Photo courtesy of JGI/Lilian Pintea.

That’s i of the reasons nosotros started the Roots & Shoots programme to connect immature people amongst the noesis in addition to tools they demand to solve problems inwards their communities. The projects undertaken past times these immature people help them acquire of import science, technology, applied scientific discipline in addition to math (STEM) skills spell developing existent leadership capabilities. Today, Roots & Shoots is launching a novel community mapping tutorial for immature people to help them purpose digital mapping engineering to position in addition to address needs inwards their community. If you’re an educator, nosotros offering online professional person evolution to help you lot agree our youth leadership model into your classroom in addition to curriculum. You tin sign upward for the Roots & Shoots MOOC to acquire more.
Roots & Shoots groups from Uganda, Tanzania, in addition to Republic of Congo portion their projects.
There are to a greater extent than than 8,000 Roots & Shoots groups inwards 136 countries. Photos courtesy of JGI.

Today, on my 80th birthday, my want is for immature people but about the world to mean value well-nigh the ways you lot tin purpose engineering to acquire to a greater extent than well-nigh the wonderful world nosotros share. Then, to accept action, in addition to inspire others to utilisation the same. You withdraw keep the ability to utilisation hence much to a greater extent than than I did inwards 1960, to spark modify I could alone imagine dorsum then. And you lot tin utilisation it no affair where inwards the world you lot are.


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