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From The Desert To The Web: Bringing The Dead Bounding Main Scrolls Online

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It’s taken 24 centuries, the move of archaeologists, scholars together with historians, together with the advent of the Internet to brand the Dead Sea Scrolls accessible to anyone inwards the world. Today, every bit the novel twelvemonth approaches on the Hebrew calendar, we’re celebrating the launch of the Dead Sea Scrolls online; a projection of The State of Israel Museum, Jerusalem powered past times Google technology.

Written betwixt the 3rd together with offset centuries BCE, the Dead Sea Scrolls include the oldest known biblical manuscripts inwards existence. In 68 BCE, they were hidden inwards eleven caves inwards the Judean desert on the shores of the Dead Sea to protect them from the approaching Roman armies. They weren’t discovered 1 time to a greater extent than until 1947, when a Bedouin shepherd threw a stone inwards a cave together with realized something was inside. Since 1965, the scrolls get got been on present at the Shrine of the Book at The State of Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Among other topics, the scrolls offering critical insights into life together with religion inwards ancient Jerusalem, including the nascency of Christianity.

Now, anyone simply about the basis tin view, read together with interact amongst v digitized Dead Sea Scrolls. The high resolution photographs, taken past times Ardon Bar-Hama, are upward to 1,200 megapixels, nearly 200 times to a greater extent than than the average consumer camera, together with thus viewers tin meet fifty-fifty the most infinitesimal details inwards the parchment. For example, zoom inwards on the Temple Scroll to instruct a experience for the fauna peel it's written on—only one-tenth of a millimeter thick.

You tin browse the Great Isaiah Scroll, the most good known scroll together with the 1 that tin move constitute inwards most dwelling bibles, past times chapter together with verse. You tin likewise click direct on the Hebrew text together with instruct an English linguistic communication translation. While you’re there, exit a comment for others to see.

The scroll text is likewise discoverable via spider web search. If you lot search for phrases from the scrolls, a link to that text within the scroll viewers on the Dead Sea Scrolls collections site may surface inwards your search results. For example, search for [Dead Sea Scrolls "In the twenty-four lx minutes menses of thy planting thou didst instruct inwards to grow"], together with you lot may meet a link to Chapter 17:Verse 11 within the Great Isaiah Scroll.

This partnership amongst The State of Israel Museum, Jerusalem is purpose of our larger endeavour to select of import cultural together with historical collections online. We are thrilled to get got been able to assist this projection through hosting on Google Storage together with App Engine, helping blueprint the spider web experience together with making it searchable together with accessible to the world. We’ve been involved inwards similar projects inwards the past, including the Yad Vashem Holocaust photograph collection and the Prado Museum inwards Madrid. We encourage organizations interested inwards partnering amongst us inwards our endeavour to archive historical collections to come inwards their data inwards this form. We promise you lot savour visiting the Dead Sea Scrolls collection online, or whatever of these other projects, together with interacting amongst history at your fingertips.

Update 9/26/11: An before version of this post service erroneously excluded our move on the Google Art Project. We've likewise amended the description of the partnership shape to improve define the types of partners who powerfulness desire to submit their data to move considered inwards our archiving work.


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