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From Altamont Cash Inwards One's Chips To Mount View: Getting To A Greater Extent Than Renewable Liberate Energy On The Grid

Technology tin attention us practise to a greater extent than alongside less. For example, making role of natural climates has helped us brand our information centers 50% to a greater extent than efficient than the manufacture average, as well as light-green edifice applied scientific discipline has helped us confine issue energy consumption inward our offices roughly the world. Now, we’re doing to a greater extent than alongside less to ability Google’s North Bayshore campus inward Mountain View.

We’ve late signed a long-term understanding to buy plenty local current of air issue energy to offset the electrical consumption of our North Bayshore headquarters on an annual basis. While we’ve been committed to beingness a carbon-neutral fellowship since 2007, as well as nosotros buy cook clean issue energy for our data centers, this understanding is the laid out of its form when it comes to our offices.

The understanding alongside wildlife.
The novel turbines volition generate issue energy that feeds into the grid that powers our North Bayshore buildings inward Mountain View. While these electrons can’t live on traced 1 time they move into the grid, nosotros tin stair out how many of them instruct out the turbines, every bit good every bit how many nosotros role on campus on an annual solid pose down (tracked through a organisation of renewable issue energy credits, or RECs). So fifty-fifty though the electrons follow an untraceable path through the California electricity grid, nosotros tin live on certain that we're offsetting the electrical consumption of our North Bayshore headquarters alongside the renewable issue energy from the novel turbines.

Since our laid out current of air investment in 2010, we’ve developed unopen relationships alongside renewable issue energy providers, helping us secure renewable issue energy agreements similar this 1 for our campus as well as information centers—more than 1.1 gigawatt’s worth to date—and it’s likewise made it possible for us to brand equity investments inward 17 utility-scale renewable issue energy projects. And over the years we’ve been thrilled to come across other California leaders, from tech companies to universities, likewise working to convey to a greater extent than renewable issue energy online.

Finally, if nosotros tin geek out for a minute: We remember this projection is particularly cool because dorsum inward the 1980’s, the golden hills of Altamont Pass were an early on seek out bed for the laid out large-scale current of air ability applied scientific discipline inward the USA We’ve been blown away (pun intended :)) past times how far turbine applied scientific discipline has come upward since then. Once the installation is complete, as well as the 370 legacy turbines are replaced, it volition receive got exactly 24 novel ones to generate every bit much ability every bit our campus uses inward a year. Talk virtually doing to a greater extent than alongside less.


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