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Exploring Jerusalem’S Sometime Metropolis Streets Amongst Street View

Every year, 3.5 i K k people come upward to State of Israel to take in ancient sites that are holy to billions of people, to walk amid the unique stone of Jerusalem, or to relax on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

To assistance you lot explore Israel’s history as well as present, we’ve launched imagery of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa as well as Haifa on Street View. You tin explore the narrow streets of Jerusalem’s Old City as well as each of its iv quarters, walk along the Via Dolorosa as well as encounter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, take in the Western Wall as well as the Mount of Olives. You tin terminal past times the Biblical Zoo, as well as thus take in the Israel Museum as well as the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum—and explore to a greater extent than amongst the Art Project as well as the Yad Vashem photo archive. Or you lot tin stroll through Tel Aviv’s bohemian Neve Tzedek neighborhood as well as the ancient port of Jaffa, as well as stimulate got a virtual trip to some of Tel Aviv’s scenic beaches or to Haifa’s Baha’i Gardens.

We promise you’ll operate Street View to discover, explore as well as more. Some are already using the novel imagery to assistance others—for example, Access Israel, an organization working to brand State of Israel to a greater extent than accessible for people amongst disabilities, has embedded Street View inwards its accessibility mapping project of Israeli cities (note: inwards Hebrew).

We’ll last adding to a greater extent than Street View coverage of sites as well as streets inwards the coming months, as well as are hoping to select Street View to to a greater extent than places roughly the percentage soon.


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