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Encouraging The Side Yesteryear Side Generation Of Journalists: Google Journalism Companionship Winners 2014

The Google Journalism Fellowship connects students interested inward using engineering scientific discipline to say stories inward novel ways to the organizations that are pushing the boundaries of newsgathering together with reporting. Over 10 weeks, Fellows piece of work on projects ranging from edifice interactive word apps to researching stories, finding information together with writing code. In this post, 1 of final year’s Fellows, January Lauren Boyles, shares her perspective on the benefits of the plan together with what this year’s Fellows stand upward to exit of it. -Ed.

At first, I idea it was only my imagination.

In the middle of my exams for my doctorate at American University final year, I got a telephone telephone from the Pew Research Center offering me a Google Journalism Fellowship. Low on sleep, my foremost thought: "Was this offering all only a reverie, rendered past times my foggy mind?"

In some ways, it turned out that that telephone telephone actually was the start of a dream.

I had applied for the Fellowship because I wanted to piece of work alongside the brightest minds inward media inquiry together with broaden my agreement of the intersections betwixt journalism together with technology. I was thrilled to piece of work alongside leading experts at Pew Research to collect together with analyze information that examined how social media is transforming the means Americans swallow together with portion news. I also had a endangerment to larn from Google’s ain mapping together with information visualization specialists. But I never imagined we’d also shadow an editorial coming together at The Miami Herald, beak over the time to come of word alongside Knight Foundation staff, beak direct alongside word startup leaders together with possess got component subdivision inward a pattern sprint at a CIR/Google conference unopen to information together with the news.
The 2013 Google Journalism Fellows. The writer is 3rd from the right.

Many of the maiden cast of Google Fellows has gone on to carve out careers inward the newsrooms of the 21st century. The Fellowship helped me province a full-time seat at the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project equally a inquiry associate—a dream job, where I’ll job diverse inquiry methods—from surveys to content analysis to goodness ol' reporting—to assist examine how word together with information functions today. One primal projection that I’ll piece of work on this twelvemonth volition survive a deep exam of the catamenia of local word inward guild today.

Now a novel cast of Google Fellows gets a endangerment to fulfill their ain dreams. These xi students are people to watch—young scholars, figurer scientists together with practitioners who volition probable exercise novel journalism products together with platforms that volition alter our appointment alongside word inward the digital age.

This year’s organizations together with Fellows are:

Congratulations to this year’s Fellows! We hold back frontward to the unloose energy you’ll convey to the host organizations this summer—and to watching your dreams decease a reality.


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