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Dynamic Views: 7 Novel Ways To Percentage Your Spider Web Log Alongside The World

As nosotros said a few weeks ago when nosotros launched a completely rebuilt, streamlined authoring as well as editing experience, we’re inward the procedure of bringing y'all a much improved as well as modernized Blogger. The side past times side stage of these updates starts today alongside 7 novel ways to display your blog, called Dynamic Views.

Built alongside the latest inward spider web technology (AJAX, HTML5 as well as CSS3), Dynamic Views is a unique browsing sense that volition inspire your readers to explore your weblog inward novel ways. The interactive layouts larn inward easier for readers to bask as well as discover your posts, loading forty per centum faster than traditional templates as well as bringing older entries to the surface thus they seem fresh again.

Dynamic Views is much to a greater extent than than only novel templates. With only a couplet clicks, you’ll larn interplanetary space scrolling (say goodbye to the “Older posts” link), images that charge equally y'all browse, integrated search, sorting past times date, label as well as author, lightbox-style posts for slow viewing, keyboard shortcuts for speedily flipping through posts, as well as one-click sharing to Google+ as well as other social sites on every post.

No 2 blogs are the same, thus y'all tin guide from 7 dissimilar views that display text as well as photos differently. For example, if y'all accept lots of photos on your blog, y'all may prefer Flipcard or Snapshot. If your weblog is to a greater extent than text-heavy, thus Classic, Sidebar (what you’re seeing straightaway on Blogger Buzz) or Timeslide may move preferable. Here’s a quick description of each of the novel views, along alongside links to unopen to of our favorite blogs where y'all tin banking concern jibe each of them out inward action.
  • Classic (Gmail): Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 modern twist on a traditional template, alongside interplanetary space scrolling as well as images that charge equally y'all go
  • Flipcard (M loves M) - Your photos are tiled across the page as well as flip to disclose the post title
  • Magazine (Advanced Style) - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 clean, elegant editorial trend layout 
  • Mosaic (Crosby’s Kitchen) - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mosaic mix of dissimilar sized images as well as text
  • Sidebar (Blogger Buzz Blog) - An e-mail inbox-like persuasion alongside a reading page for quick scrolling as well as browsing
  • Snapshot (Canelle et Vanille) - An interactive pinboard of your posts 
  • Timeslide (The Bleary-Eyed Father) - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 horizontal persuasion of your posts past times fourth dimension period
Enter the cry of your favorite Blogger weblog below as well as click Preview to banking concern jibe it out alongside Dynamic Views.

Adding a Dynamic View to your weblog is equally slow equally changing your template. Log inward to Blogger, click on the Template tab on your dashboard, as well as select whichever persuasion y'all desire to ready equally your default. Note that readers tin yet guide to navigate your weblog inward a dissimilar persuasion past times selecting from the pulldown inward the upper left of the screen.

If y'all desire to add together your ain behaviour on to whatever of these novel views, y'all tin upload a header icon as well as customize the background colors. We’ll move adding to a greater extent than ways to customize Dynamic Views inward the coming weeks.

We promise y'all bask the latest update to Blogger, as well as that, equally always, y'all tell us what y'all intend past times completing this brusque survey.

Note: In improver to Blogger Buzz, several other official Google blogs volition move featuring Dynamic Views through the weeks as well as months ahead, including the Gmail Blog, LatLong Blog and Docs Blog. We’re excited to convey Dynamic Views into the crimp as well as we'll move looking at how to contain this novel technology across Google’s weblog network inward the long term.

(Cross-posted from Blogger Buzz)

Update 7:31pm: We've added dorsum a working link to submit your feedback.
Update 6:00pm: Earlier today, this post included a link to a feedback form. We create value your feedback as well as desire to know what y'all intend of this update; we'll accept a feedback link upwards 1 time to a greater extent than soon.


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