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Designing An Interplanetary Space Digital Bookcase

(Cross-posted on the Google Code blog)

As digital designers, nosotros frequently intend almost how to interpret traditional media into a virtual space. Recently, nosotros idea almost the bookcase. What would it expect similar if it was designed to agree digital books?

H5N1 digital interface needs to hold out familiar plenty to hold out intuitive, spell simultaneously taking wages of the lack of constraints inwards a virtual space. In this case, nosotros imagined something that looks similar the shelves inwards your living room, but is besides capable of showcasing the huge expose of titles available online—many to a greater extent than than gibe on a traditional shelf. With this inwards mind, nosotros designed a digital bookcase that’s an infinite 3D helix. You tin spin it side-to-side as well as upward as well as downwards amongst your mouse. It holds 3D models of to a greater extent than than 10,000 titles from Google Books.

The books are organized into 28 subjects. To conduct a subject, click the champaign of report push close the top of your covert when viewing the bookcase. The photographic television set camera as well as thence flies to that subject. Clicking on a mass pulls it off the shelf as well as brings it to the front end as well as optic of the screen. Click on the high-resolution encompass as well as the mass volition opened upward to a page amongst championship as well as writer data equally good equally a curt synopsis, provided past times the Google Books API. All of the visuals are rendered amongst WebGL, a applied scientific discipline inwards Google Chrome as well as other modern browsers that enables fast, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics correct inwards the browser, without the involve for a plug-in.

If you’ve finished your browsing as well as discovery a mass y'all desire to read, y'all tin click the “Get this book” push on the bottom correct of the page, which volition shipping y'all to that book’s page on Or, y'all tin opened upward the championship on your telephone or tablet via the QR code that’s inwards the bottom left corner of the page, using a QR code app similar Google Goggles. You tin besides browse simply gratis books past times selecting the “Free Books” champaign of report inwards the champaign of report viewer.

Bookworms using a modern browser tin drive the WebGL Bookcase today. We recommend using Google Chrome as well as a fast figurer amongst a powerful graphics card. Even amongst novel hardware, this interface is experimental as well as may non operate on some machines. For to a greater extent than creative browser experiments, depository fiscal establishment check out Chrome Experiments, a gallery of to a greater extent than than 300 creative projects made past times developers as well as artists from to a greater extent than or less the world, many utilizing WebGL.


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