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Conquer The Dorsum To Schoolhouse Blues Amongst Google Tools

August is both an destination to the lush liberty of summertime as well as the commencement of some other twelvemonth of pupil life. As a rise senior at the University of Florida, this fourth dimension is both exciting as well as anxiety-inducing. Even though I’m looking frontward to many aspects of the schoolhouse year, at that spot are sure enough things nigh college—from majority budgets to calculus written report sessions—that tin arrive a headache.

But this fall, I experience to a greater extent than prepared to human face upward the daily pupil grind. This summer, I had the adventure to intern on the communications squad at Google as well as got the within rails on some tools as well as tricks to brand schoolhouse a snap. For example, did you lot know at that spot was an extension for Chrome that helps you lot rest focused on your work? Yup, didn’t intend so! So I idea I’d part some of my novel favorite tips—my “Survival Guide for Student Life”—to assist arrive easier for all students to acquire through the coming months.

Easy ways to coordinate your social as well as extracurricular life
  • Google+ Hangouts enables you lot to video chat alongside upward to nine friends from your desktop, mobile telephone or tablet. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 slap-up characteristic for when your fellowship needs to hash out some terminal infinitesimal changes for the upcoming meeting.
  • Stay on chore alongside Hangout Apps similar Symphonical, which provides a digital wall of glutinous notes for virtual brainstorm sessions.
  • With Google+ Events, invite all your friends to your get-together as well as attach a personalized video greeting to the invitation. During the event, photos from the political party tin endure uploaded to the lawsuit page inwards real-time using Party Mode. So if you lot get got to fille a political party due to a written report session, you lot tin avoid that pesky FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!
  • Let your friends know what you’re upward to past times sharing your Google Calendar alongside them. Or create a shared calendar simply for your written report group.
Stay organized as well as efficient—and endure prepared for the unexpected
  • Stop the electronic mail overflowing from the ridiculous publish of electronic mail lists you lot signed upward for using Gmail’s auto-unsubscribe feature.
  • No to a greater extent than sore eyes from crowded inboxes—Gmail's default means is Priority Inbox hence it automatically sorts your of import messages for you.
  • Cite your sources! Use Google Docs’ research tool to investigate highlighted portions of your show as well as and hence generate a citation.
  • Group projects telephone phone for collaboration. With Google Drive, you lot tin utilisation shared folders hence everyone tin access materials without having to electronic mail updates to each other.
  • Using your laptop or phone, you lot tin ship whatever documents or presentations saved on your Google Drive to Fedex to endure printed, thank you lot to Google Cloud Print.
Get what you lot necessitate as well as where you’re going faster
  • For those of you lot starting at academy this year, Google Maps has 360-degree panoramic Street View imagery for many campuses to a greater extent than or less the basis to hand you lot a preview of your novel stomping grounds.
  • Back to schoolhouse shopping is ane of the most fun things nigh August. Find your means inwards as well as out of malls as well as subdivision stores alongside indoor Google Maps on Android devices.
  • We college students can’t acquire likewise long without homemade food. Search for your side past times side flying dwelling household alongside Flight Search. (If flying makes you lot a fleck queasy, rails whatever aid packages past times typing the tracking code into the Google search bar.)
  • Stay informed alongside Google Now. This feature, available on Android devices running Jelly Bean, tin update you lot when the side past times side omnibus is coming or furnish the conditions forecast for Saturday’s big game.
Reading, writing, 'rithmetic and... YouTube
  • Don’t intermission the banking concern on textbooks. Google Play has millions of FREE (emphasis is important) books readily available such every bit "Pride as well as Prejudice" as well as "Gulliver’s Travels."
  • With the novel Nexus vii tablet, you lot tin get got your Google Play books, music, movies, TV shows, magazines as well as apps (like My Majors as well as doubleTwist Alarm Clock) alongside you, wherever you lot go.
  • Locate hard-to-find books online or at a library close you lot alongside Book Search.
  • Put Chrome to piece of job alongside educational apps
  • Not a fan of traditional banknote taking? Chromebooks are a super fast as well as virus-proof laptop. It starts seconds afterwards you lot kicking it as well as volition terminal through a whole twenty-four hr menses of classes.
  • A fair portion of us students aren’t fans of mental math. Type whatever equation into the Google search box to acquire the answers you lot need. It tin graph functions every bit well.
  • We know nosotros pass likewise much of our fourth dimension watching funny videos on YouTube, but at that spot are video channels that tin genuinely assist us acquire to a greater extent than nigh a multifariousness of subjects—from astrophysics to world history. Find to a greater extent than educational channels at YouTube EDU.
I’m resting a fleck easier similar a shot that I know at that spot are tools that brand pupil life a fleck less overwhelming. Here’s hoping you, too, experience armed to human face upward the autumn semester—and beyond—with Google inwards your backpack.


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