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Connect. Create. Celebrate Women Inward Technology.

Ask Liz Liao what accomplishment she’s most proud of, in addition to she’ll tell yous it’s non her master’s flat inwards robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, her numerous published articles, or fifty-fifty the autonomous industrial robot she helped railroad train equally a senior software engineer at Seegrid. Nope—according to Liz, her greatest achievement is co-founding Girl Develop It Minneapolis, a chapter inwards the national non-profit Girl Develop It, which provides hands-on programs in addition to a network of back upward to women interested inwards learning spider web in addition to software development.

3D imaging from the industrial robot, designed in addition to built past times Liz in addition to her team

Liz oftentimes remembers beingness the solely adult woman engineer on her team, but it wasn’t until she moved to a novel urban heart in addition to spent to a greater extent than fourth dimension working remotely that she began to experience isolated—and realized how of import it was for her to accept a community of like-minded people to connect with. She started volunteering alongside a few local organizations in addition to started the local Girl Develop It chapter inwards 2014. In simply 7 months, her chapter has to a greater extent than than 500 members in addition to Liz has institute a network of people she tin connect to.

There are many women similar Liz who never observe that feel of community in addition to instead destination upward leaving tech permanently. Not solely does that hateful our manufacture is less various than it should be, but it likewise leads to less innovative products. That’s why it’s then of import for Google to practise our business office inwards creating environments, programs in addition to policies that assist women inwards applied scientific discipline thrive. We’ve partnered alongside organizations similar Girl Develop It, Women Who Code, Anita Borg Institute in addition to the National Center for Women & Information Technology to create a to a greater extent than supportive surround for women inwards tech. And this International Women’s Day, we’re edifice on our efforts to empower women to croak makers of technology. Here’s a expect at what we’re upward to:

Women Techmakers
Last year, Google started our Women Techmakers programme to supply visibility, resources in addition to a community for women inwards applied scientific discipline worldwide. This calendar month nosotros kicked off our instant annual Women Techmakers Global Event Series, in addition to nosotros encourage yous to attend an consequence to consider incredible women from around the basis who are leading the applied scientific discipline industry. Create the hereafter of wearables at a summit or from abode alongside a build novel Android Wear Watch Face Codelab, in addition to engage alongside the community using our hashtag #WTM15. For consequence highlights, photos in addition to to a greater extent than banking concern check out Women Techmakers on Twitter in addition to YouTube.

Share your wisdom alongside a #DearMe video letter
For many immature girls, the path to finding themselves is filled alongside uncertainty. It’s difficult to figure out what yous desire to practise or who yous desire to last when you’re dealing alongside gossip, self-doubt in addition to pressure level from all sides. As business office of our International Women’s Day celebration, we’re encouraging yous to intend dorsum on the advice yous wishing you’d gotten when yous were a young, in addition to to portion those words of wisdom alongside today’s teenage girls. Submit a video alphabetic quality on YouTube tagged alongside #DearMe telling your younger self what yous wishing mortal had told you. We’re looking forrad to what yous accept to say.

A Doodle honoring women who transform the basis
Finally, nosotros couldn’t permit International Women’s Day overstep without a Doodle. So our homepage today celebrates the many ways women scientists, engineers, athletes, doctors, artists, explorers in addition to to a greater extent than are changing the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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