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Congratulations To Amit Singhal On His Election To Nae

This morning, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced the election of 66 novel members, including our real ain Amit Singhal, Google Fellow together with Pb on Google Search. Amit joins a listing of ix of us Googlers who convey previously been recognized past times the NAE: Sergey Brin, Vint Cerf, Jeff Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Dick Sites, Ken Thompson together with myself.

Election to the NAE is amid the highest professional person distinctions accorded to an engineer. The Academy recognized Amit for his contributions to data retrieval together with search, where Amit has creatively applied together with extended the scientific discipline of data retrieval to novel heights that were almost unthinkable when the plain was founded. In then doing, he has had a tremendous together with beneficial deport on on the footing amongst sustained excellence of Google’s search.

Amit was similarly recognized past times the Association of Computing Machinery 2 months ago. I encourage y'all to read to a greater extent than most his of import contributions inwards our blog post from December. Congratulations to Amit!


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