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Coming To A Universe Near You: Youtube Infinite Lab

(Cross-posted on the YouTube blog)

Can plants move beyond Earth? Can proteins observed inwards infinite expose the mysteries of life? Science experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS) could unlock the answers too similar a shot we're giving you lot a take away chances to enquire the questions. Today, we’re launching YouTube Space Lab alongside Lenovo, inwards cooperation alongside Space Adventures, National Aeronautics too Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), too the Nippon Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Space Lab is a novel galactic channel on YouTube that volition elevator off from your laptop, taking you lot to interesting too awesome videos from only about the world... too beyond.

Interested students are invited to come upwardly up alongside an thought for a scientific discipline experiment that tin live conducted inwards infinite too upload a video explaining it to YouTube yesteryear Dec 7, 2011. The YouTube community too a panel of distinguished scientists, astronauts too skillful judges, including Professor Stephen Hawking, volition pick the best ones. If your video is selected, it volition live performed aboard the ISS too alive streamed on YouTube to the public inwards 2012.

We'll too throw inwards some out-of-this-world prizes for the winners: similar ZERO-G flights, Lenovo IdeaPad laptops too your alternative of either a trip to Tanegashima Island, Japan, to sentry your experiment smash off inwards a rocket saltation for the ISS, or—once you’re 18—a one-of-a-kind astronaut grooming sense inwards Star City, Russia, the grooming midpoint for Russian cosmonauts. For to a greater extent than data on how to enter, including eligibility requirements too experiment guidelines, banking concern fit out the contest page on the channel or the official rules.

All futurity astronauts too infinite enthusiasts tin discover inspiration inwards the infinite related content on Space Lab is only i of many educational channels available nether Educators tin too see to larn how to ameliorate contain video into the classroom. We're developing a YouTube for Schools airplane pilot aimed at making YouTube accessible inwards to a greater extent than schools. If you lot desire to live notified when it's ready, sign upwardly here.

Blast off similar a shot too live business office of a global experiment where your instructor is an astronaut too your classroom, space!


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