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Celebrating Thirty Years Of .Com Together With The Hereafter Of .Domains

When yous visited Google today, we’re pretty certain yous didn’t type into your browser. This string of numbers separated past times periods—an IP address—isn’t nearly every bit slowly or memorable every bit typing Domain names ending inwards things similar .COM, .NET in addition to .EDU brand browsing the spider web in addition to telling people where to notice yous online easier. Since this calendar month marks the 30-year anniversary of .COM in addition to several other domain endings, we’re taking a infinitesimal to celebrate these often-overlooked suffixes that convey changed the agency nosotros utilization the web.
World Wide Web became available to all during the ‘90s in addition to it became clear they were an of import purpose inwards unlocking its power. Using these online addresses, people began to spread messages, start businesses in addition to access information that otherwise would convey been nearly impossible to find. Popularity in addition to demand for these names grew thus much that people were before long wrote virtually this dorsum inwards 2012, in addition to since in addition to thus we’ve launched 3 of our own: .HOW, .SOY in addition to .みんな.
As .COM turns 30, we’re looking dorsum on the history of domain endings in addition to all they’ve made possible. Today in that place are to a greater extent than choices than e'er earlier for people to notice the perfect mention for their businesses, projects in addition to ideas on the web. If you’re interested inwards learning to a greater extent than virtually this history, or you’d similar to register your ain slice of the web, caput over to Google Domains to claim your .DOMAINS from a .COM to a .GURU.
Here’s to .COM’s 30th, in addition to all that’s nevertheless to come upward inwards how nosotros mention destinations on the Internet.


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